Friday, March 13, 2009

I know. I suck.

I'm just the world's worst blogger these days, right? Well ... the thing is, nothing much is going on. And I'm sure you don't want to read about that, right? Oh, you do? Well, okay ... just don't say I didn't warn you.

The weekend with the girls was wonderful as always. A rather low-key affair - we hung out, worked on our scrapbooks, drank some booze and ate a bunch of food that was nowhere near being good for us. And we laughed. A lot. So it was a great time!

Since then, I can't seem to get my internal clock aligned. First of all, it was daylight savings time this weekend, so we were losing an hour. But we certainly weren't going to lose an hour of fun time! No sirree. It was deducted from sleep time. Of which there wasn't a whole hell of a lot to begin with since we stayed up till 4am giggling like idiots. I've been completely exhausted ever since. Not that it wasn't worth it. I'm just sayin'. My old body and brain don't fare as well with sleep deprivation as it used to - UGH! :)

I'm in week 4 of my get-ready-for-summer-no-matter-how-much-it-sucks diet. I didn't lose anything last week, but I didn't gain either. So considering how much I ate and drank with wild abandon with the girls, I'm okay with that. But much like sleeping, eating screwy can get me off whack for a long time. I was doing okay before, but now, all week I've been fighting the urge to just pull a chair up to the open fridge door and have a nosh mosh. *sigh*

I'm failing at the 365 book. I was sick with some kind of flu a few weeks ago and got out of the habit of taking pictures. Now I'm just shooting 2 or 3 to make up when I actually remember. Not how I wanted to do it. But I'm not giving up yet.

So are you on this Facebook bandwagon? My Blogarita girls are all on there and persuaded me to do it too. I signed up a while ago but hated it so much I blew it off for months. Lately I've been back on and am learning the ropes. I'm not really in love with it, and neither is Nellers. But considering everyone hangs there now, that kind of makes up for it for me. And I found a dear friend from high school on there (who now lives in SPAIN! How cool is that?) - so that's pretty cool to be back in touch with her. Don't tell Ches and Naive I am saying anything nice about Facebook, though - because they'll just say, "told ya so!"

Have a great weekend, darlings.


Stacy said...

The weekend sounds like it was great and just so you know.....the older you get the harder those sleepless nights are. I thought old people were supposed to need less sleep?

I'm working on getting on the Facebook bandwagon. I still like the looks and stuff of MySpace better, but as you said....everyone is on Facebook. I've checked MySpace everyday this week and no one's really had anything to say except the bands and such sending out bulletins. Oh well, I've reconnected with a couple of friends, too, and some now grown kids from my days as a youth director.

chesneygirl said...

Told ya so! ;)

I think my sides STILL hurt from laughing so much! :)
I wonder how Mim's butt contractions are doing? LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Coffeypot said...

Yea, okay, yada, yada, yada! You had me at "I suck." I love that ability in a woman.

How can I get to you on Facebook?

Anonymous said...

I'm on Facebook too. Not my favorite online place. I'm only there for learning purposes. I downloaded Visual Basic Express and hope to teach myself how to program my own mashups.