Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Happy Haunting, y'all!

Sports Yap - Deal With It ;)

So, I know nobody cares about this but me, but you'll just have to suffer. :) I'll return to my regularly scheduled irregularity next post.

I love boxing and I'm a HUGE fan of the boxing reality show, "The Contender". Season 1 was the best, as it focused more on the guys' as people and you got to know them. Also, Season 1 involved physical challenges in addition to the fights, which made for interesting twists and rewards. But what was, was - and I still love the show, regardless of ESPN's streamlining once they acquired airing rights from NBC.

But I digress.

In any case, Season 3 is in its final tiers. Codrington defeated Johnsen with one fail clock to the temple last week, about 10 seconds into round 1. Not surprising, but kind of a deflation just the same. I was so in the mood for a big long exciting match. Last night was the big night for me, though. Since week 1, I've had my eye on two fighters - Sam Soliman and Sakio Bika. Both are amazing, AMAZING fighters. Wouldn't you know these two drew each other in their semi-final match? I was DYING!

Soliman and Bika have met in the ring before, and Soliman won that fight. But Bika now has more experience. He's tough - but so is Soliman. I had my gut feeling about how the fight would be called before it even began, and 95% of the time, I'm right. Sam has really been my pet fighter this year - but I couldn't help but draw to Bika. He's got about 1% body fat, looks like he's carved out of marble, and has a jab faster than lightning. As one of his opponents earlier in the season said, "he's got muscles in his eyebrows." :D LOL.

Soliman, too, is unbelievable in different ways. He has the craziest fighting style. Correction, he HAS no style. He's all over the place - there's just no premeditating what he's going to do or where he's going to throw. This makes it near impossible for his opponent to use Sam's habits to their advantage. I love that. Sakio, on the other hand, is very deliberate, very calculating. An incredibly solid fighter in every way. An interesting match for a fight for sure.

For 8 rounds last night, I felt like I was going to have a stroke. It was a GREAT fight.

In the end, Sakio Bika won by fairly close but unanimous decision. I was excited and sad at the same time. That's the drawback with your two favorites being matched up.

Next Tuesday, Sakio Bika meets Jaidon Codrington in the finale, for a $750,000 purse (sheesh!). Again, I find myself liking both fighters. Codrington, while starting the season out as a trash talker (a characteristic I really hate), ended up endearing me with his drive and the difficult loss of his father mid-season. Sakio Bika's my pick, but if Codrington wins, that's okay with me too.

As for Sam Soliman, he will be fine - he has a sparkling positive attitude, and at 33 I'm sure will continue to have a successful boxing career. Good luck, King! Wish you were here!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Shopaholics Anonymous

Yes! I'm still alive! And I've decided that since not only have my creative muses left the building but have left no forwarding address, I'm going to give up on waiting for great writing inspiration and return to boring the masses at large with random pointless blabber. Welcome to Clew's Rubber Room.

Now ....

Have you ever discovered, to your horror, that you actually are something that you have always proudly proclaimed you are not?

I have always hated shopping. Back in junior high and high school, girls characteristically bopped off to the mall at every chance, to buy clothes and shoes and baubles and bows. I would sometimes go, but only for the social aspect. I loved hanging out with my friends – but it has never been a great interest of mine to wander through stores and flip through racks and try stuff on just for fun. Frankly, it was an annoying way to spend time for me.

I never did acquire that taste for shopping. I will wear clothes and shoes till they fall apart at the seams, simply because I hate to go shopping. And those women who salve a broken heart or a flash of anger or a bout of depression by going on a shop-a-thon? What in the world is that all about? There’s not much that’s LESS relaxing than shopping to me.

I’ve always proudly worn the anti-shopper badge. Shopping, to me, has always been bourgeoisie, not to mention immensely boring and highly irritating.

I must confess something though, as I cannot bear the weight any longer. I've recently realized ... that I am a hypocrite. I actually DO love to shop. In fact, I could see becoming addicted to it very easily. Thank God I have good self-control.

Clothes? Shoes? Handbags? No. Still no appeal for me. I’m such a non-girl in that department. But media? Media is my downfall.

I can’t tell you how much I love bookstores. I love the atmosphere, I love the smell of paper and ink and binding glue and coffee in the new bookstores and that of must and dust in the used. I love to wander aimlessly into the different sections and discover arbitrary topics of interest. I love buying and collecting books, and it’s difficult for me to get out of a bookstore for less than $50 - $100. Oh my heavens, I love bookstores.

Probably the only thing that could trump a bookstore is a scrapbook store. Sweet, sweet utopia. Paper, paper stacks, embellishments, pens, stickers, fibers, countless new things to buy and try. Idea overload as I stuff my basket full of things, and then go to get a cart because the basket is full and I’m not even out of the second aisle. I know I’ll probably never use most of the things I buy, but it doesn’t matter. I must have them.

Even more dangerous are the online stores carrying books, CD’s and scrapping supplies. Man, I can ring up bills equivalent to the national debt before I even realize I’ve put a thing in my cybercart. But there’s no feasible way I can do without these newfound items. I can never even figure out how I’ve made it this far without them. And now that you can order Creative Memories stuff right on line and have them delivered to your door? Fugedaboudit! I’m toast. And so is my checkbook.

When I look back, there was one shop in the mall that my friends had to drag me out of with a towtruck, and one store to which I’d scramble off any time I got a little extra scratch in my pocket: the record store.

I am a shopaholic after all. I can’t believe it.

*hanging head in shame*

Friday, October 05, 2007

Good Times 'Round the Bend!

I know, I really don't blog anymore and no one even assumes I'm still alive, but it only seemed right to mention that this weekend is BLOGARITA II and I'm so excited I could just pee.

In a mere few hours, Chesneygirl, Nelly and I are descending on Naive-no-More's house like a plague of locusts for a weekend of girltime. Each of us will come bearing gifts, food and adult cordials - and only heaven knows what will develop from there, but you can bet we'll all be wrapping our ribcages on Monday from laughing so hard. Each of us, in our own ways, really needs that, too.

I can't wait to see my girls again!!!

(Now, I'm ready for my martini!)

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You know you want to.