Saturday, March 25, 2017

100 Words: Feast or Famine

This week's 100 Words challenge at Thin Spiral Notebook is to use a food colloquialism. I'm not sure how well I did this, but here is my brain's offering.

I was always certain you felt the same undeniable rightness of us. I saw it in your eyes, even when the rest of you refuted it. It was extremely hard to give up, but it was killing me.

When you allow for second choices, by default you make your first choice your second choice. I have never been big on being second choice. I refuse to be content with scraps thrown on the floor from your banquet table.

Sour grapes can provide powerful nourishment when it's all you have left.

I am stronger than you know. Than even I knew.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

100 Words: Sorry Not Sorry

Sometimes even when you leave hurt behind you, it follows close behind, waiting for the opportunity to pop back out. This week's 100 Words Prompt from Thin Spiral Notebook is RISK.

I saw her obituary by chance while scrolling through the alumni facebook page. She would be greatly missed by her loving husband, two children, and a host of friends.

She had always been cute and very popular.  So sweet, everyone said. I never would have described her that way. She degraded me daily, making fun of my knockoff clothes and my awkwardness - my bad skin and good grades. She made going to school feel like a daily risk, as if navigating a minefield.

I hated her.

Part of me felt obligatory sadness at the news. 

A bigger part did not.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

100 Words: ADVENTURE

Be it for a person, a destination, or an activity, all great endeavors sprout from attraction. The prompt for this round of Thin Spiral Notebook's 100 Word Challenge is ADVENTURE. 

You showed up like you had always belonged, the missing element laid bare. I had been riding the current, an oblivious fool waiting for life to start, and suddenly found myself perched on the edge of intoxicating calamity.

I saw it right away. A barely there jolt in your casual stance, irises flashing for just a nanosecond. A tiny pucker of a dimple in your cheek as you try to play it down. That's when I knew it wasn't my imagination.

My off-guard mind scrambles to assemble a dazzling opener.

I stand up, and take a step toward epiphany.

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

100 Words: Hungry

This week's 100 Words challenge over at Thin Spiral Notebook is HUNGRY.

According to the cycles of daylight through the glass block windows, it has been five days since the storm. Five days we'd been trapped.

The case of water was lasting, but the meager food supply was almost gone. The bucket I'd used for waste was beginning to reek. So was I.

I opened the last tin of potted meat with a skrrrrik of the lid. Daisy looked up at me with bright expectant eyes.

My stomach rumbled furiously as I gave her the tin. She devoured it, tail wagging gratefully.

"Enjoy it ... That's it."

Help will come soon.  I hope.