Wednesday, March 01, 2017

100 Words: Hungry

This week's 100 Words challenge over at Thin Spiral Notebook is HUNGRY.

According to the cycles of daylight through the glass block windows, it has been five days since the storm. Five days we'd been trapped.

The case of water was lasting, but the meager food supply was almost gone. The bucket I'd used for waste was beginning to reek. So was I.

I opened the last tin of potted meat with a skrrrrik of the lid. Daisy looked up at me with bright expectant eyes.

My stomach rumbled furiously as I gave her the tin. She devoured it, tail wagging gratefully.

"Enjoy it ... That's it."

Help will come soon.  I hope.


Linda said...

I love that you fed your pet when you didn't have any food for yourself. I love the use of skrrrk to describe the can opening. Anyone who has ever been owned by a cat knows who came running at that sound. 🐈 Or do dogs do that, too?

Coffeypot said...

I would feed Daisy, too. There is more meat on her than in the can.

Stacy said...

Love the little moments frozen in time you capture.