Saturday, March 18, 2017

100 Words: Sorry Not Sorry

Sometimes even when you leave hurt behind you, it follows close behind, waiting for the opportunity to pop back out. This week's 100 Words Prompt from Thin Spiral Notebook is RISK.

I saw her obituary by chance while scrolling through the alumni facebook page. She would be greatly missed by her loving husband, two children, and a host of friends.

She had always been cute and very popular.  So sweet, everyone said. I never would have described her that way. She degraded me daily, making fun of my knockoff clothes and my awkwardness - my bad skin and good grades. She made going to school feel like a daily risk, as if navigating a minefield.

I hated her.

Part of me felt obligatory sadness at the news. 

A bigger part did not.


Coffeypot said...

I know this feeling. One of my classmates, who was Mr. BMOC, hated me and made my life miserable, even kicking his ass didn't help. Everyone took up for him. But I got the last laugh. He is in prison for embezzlement. I should send him a letter with a laughing face on it. But knowing he has lost everything make me smile.

Stacy said...

Completely honest. I think most of us have someone like that in our past.

TL Roberts said...

I understand this feeling too. My son had a brutal bully in school. Unfortunately (and I was truly sympathetic to his parents), the young man died. He was then made into some sort of martyr by his parents and coaches. I cringe every time someone talks about what a nice kid he was.