Sunday, July 17, 2005

New friends, old friends - it didn't suck

After this past weekend, I'm feeling rejuvenated.

Friday the hub called me at work and told me he'd made plans with our new friends C&M. To be honest, I didn't want to go. But they'd made arrangements for their sitter to also watch the boy (it would be the first time we'd leave him with someone we didn't know, let alone someone we didnt know through other people we didnt really know and just the thought was giving me a stroke) so I kind of felt obligated. Besides, I'm always wishing I had things to do - and when I finally do I don't want to go? What's my problem?

We ended up having a great time. We gabbed a while at their place (they really dont live far from us) and then went to dinner at a casual eatery. It was busy so we had a few beers in the bar and just had a silly old time. Dinner was good and we had a lot of laughs. I got along with M so well! It was like we've known each other a long time - I'm really happy, as I have few girlfriends, particularly local. After that we went to a local bar and saw a band and continued with the chatter and laughs. Just like that it was midnight! They invited us back to play a few hands of euchre but we were feeling terrible about the dog being locked up all day and then again all night. So we declined. We picked up the boy - he had been just fine, BTW - and went home.

Saturday we were supposed to go to B&J's. They live on the other side of the city (in the country) out by the raceway. I was looking forward to it because I hadnt even seen J since they moved out of the old neighborhood - even before we did. Plus T is just a little older than the boy and I'm anxious for him to make friends. Hub and B went to the raceway and J and I hung out with the kids and had a mom pow wow. It was not the wild life but it was good. We all cooked out and T drove the boy around in his fireturck (very cool). I think they're going to be lifelong friends :).

Today I went to the grocery which was a pain in the butt because they moved everything somewhere else and I couldnt find stuff. But I wasnt stressing because frankly I had a great weekend. It was wonderful to connect with old friends. I mean really - like coming home again. And I cant even describe how much good friday night did for me. I dont even remember the last time I'd been out for the evening like that really. I've missed it. Just some time to unwind ... relax ... not be in charge. It made me realize what's been missing - the piece I've needed in the puzzle of my well being. Just simple time when I'm not doing 5 things at once, when I'm not mom, or housewife, or employee ...

... I'm just me.

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