Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Holidays and Other Items

Random tidbits of late ...

I had to stop by Target yesterday afternoon for some this’n’thats. I picked up Incrediboy after work from Grandma’s and in the 5 minutes it took to get to Target he fell fast asleep. I got him out of the car seat and carried him in as he sleepily draped his arms around my neck and positioned his head on my shoulder.

Post Christmas shopping and returning is in full swing and we had to park quite a ways from the store. As I headed towards the entrance my arms started to ache surprisingly quickly, and I began to take stock as to why. My little baby has been replaced by a boy. The adorable little lima bean shaped infant with the Michelin Man thigh rolls and the chubby wrists and dimpled knuckles is now a lean and lanky child. As his sweet blonde head rested on my shoulder (note to self: the once peach fuzzed head needs its fourth haircut), I noticed that while not long ago I could cuddle his whole body into me with one arm, I now must use both arms to support him under the butt hammock-fashion as his Elmo sneakers dangle loosely all the way down near my knees.

Gosh, he's going to be tall.

He’s growing up much more quickly than I expected. Pants I just bought in the fall that had to be rolled up – twice - now don’t require the cuffing. Shirt sleeves are getting too short. The photos we took at Christmas show that even the baby-ness in his little round face is quickly disappearing. I’m thrilled by it all, yet saddened too. It’s bittersweet in a way I can’t describe.

My little boy. What did I tell you about growing up too fast? You’re not listening!

I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas! It was wonderful here. The holidays spent vicariously through a small child’s sparkling eyes is one of the greatest pleasures I have ever known. Incrediboy was so enamored with his gifts that we let time elapse between openings – sometimes hours – to allow him to enjoy each thing. It took us 3 whole days to get everything opened, but that’s all right. We enjoyed watching him engross himself in each toy rather than becoming so overloaded by too much too soon that it all ultimately went unnoticed.

Most Beautiful Dog had a nice Christmas too. As I opened his stocking with him on Christmas morning, his eyes were so alert that the whites showed all around and his strong muscular body quivered with anticipation – but he always politely watches and waits to be offered the treats within rather than rooting his face inside the stocking to grab anything he can. Such a good boy.

He’s polished off and/or demolished 3 substantially sized chew bones and one extra large tennis ball since the stocking ceremony. MBDog loves Christmas.

I got some nice gifts, some cash, and a generous bonus and gift basket from my bosses. But my favorite gift was from my coolio Hub. I love my Hub, by the way. He’s the greatest.

Now I told him not to get me anything big because I only got him a nifty mid-range gadget as his main gift – but the big poohbear got me a home photo printing station. It’s KILLER! It will print 4x6 prints direct from a digicam chip or memory stick, or you can print from your computer. It is the deluxe model so you can see a little image of what the digi is on a full color screen on the top of the machine. Nice. You can also crop and manipulate color saturation, contrast, sharpness, and all that stuff right there. The quality difference between these and lab prints is negligible, and the ink’s rated to last without fading for at least 100 years. He also got me four 100-count blank photo paper packs.


I totally love it. I feel the scrap muses calling me with their siren song once more. I hope he realizes this is the springboard for him becoming a scrapbooking widower again.

Hm, maybe that’s the idea ???? … ;)

I'm currently formulating my resolutions list. BLAH!

On a final note, I bought myself a great CD last night from a rocker dude I really dig. But I’m not going to say who it is because I know y’all will crack on me for watching American Idol.


juanitagf said...

Babies do grow up way too fast, don't they!

Personally haven't been back to a store since Christmas. I am going to though or we will have no food to eat. Ugh!

Kristi B. said...

Thanks for stopping by my place.

Hey, I watched American Idol too...had nothing better to do!!

So you actually formulate a resolutions list? I have long-ago given up on that, but maybe I should try it again! Happy New Year!

Thomas said...

Nice to meet you too.

Thomas said...

Nice to meet you too.

Smerdyakov said...

AI? OK, for your penance you have to say 40 Hail Mary's then go out and buy Irma Thomas' "Story of my Life".
No go forth and sin no more.

Smerdyakov said...

No = Now

Martie said...

They do grow up too too fast! Enjoy every moment of every stage and savor the times spent with him.

As for the resolutions....I made a resolution 10 years ago that I have been able to keep! It was to make NO more resolutions!

I'm glad you and Hub and Incrediboy and MBD had a wonderful Christmas! Happy New Year!

Nelly said...

3 days to open gifts? That is a great idea! He must have loved it and you guys too! Just to sit and watch the wonder and excitment in their eyes is the best ever!

Not like giving the name of your "rocker" away! HA! Too funny! I have to admit to watching every season of AI!

Sue's World said...

You really have a wonderful way of drawing the reader into the moment. It sounds like the whole family had a wonderful Christmas.

Happy New Year to you!

Trista said...

You know, I think the Christmas over three days thing is a great idea! My 3 year old niece (who up until 4 months ago was the only grandchild) had a total meltdown on Christmas because she got too many presents and everyone wanted to see her open them. I think next year I'll give her the one from me on Christmas Eve (and preempt everyone else's gifts mwahahahahaaaaaaaa).

Cheryl said...

I bought Carrie Underwood's cd 'cause "Jesus Take the Wheel" could have been written about me. I hid it like a pack of tampons as I went to the register. Hard to admit I like an American Idol's music. Fess up, girl--who is it? Sweetie Pie says Bo Bice is his man. Is that him??