Thursday, January 12, 2006

Dream Analysis

I had a peculiar dream last night. Not much to it, really, other than the creepy impression it left. I dreamt I was modeling a full length fur coat. I don't know if I was literally on a runway, but I was in a setting where many lights and eyes were upon me.

The thing is, I despise fur. It makes my skin crawl. Even as I was strutting confidently (or at least trying to give the impression of confidence) in the dream and running my hands through the soft, luxurious pelts, all the while I was trying to find a way to ditch the thing and run fast, run far.

I am a grain of salt type of person, and while I think many dreams can and do tell you things about yourself both literally and symbolically, I also think some of them are simply your subconscious flipping through old file cabinets in your brain and pulling out the occasional arbitrary memory, to look it over a bit. Considering I have never been in such a situation as to be wearing a furcoat, I assume this may be the former of the two.

I woke up in the middle of the night with the dream fresh in my mind and pondered for a while. My immediate thought was that it was a symbol of me feeling conspicuous and uncomfortable in my own skin, and searching for a way to escape that.

I've been spending a good amount of my on line time towards my new blog project, which focuses on better health and fitness in 2006. My own little initiated support group of friends, I guess you'd say. While I try to present an air of confidence, especially during boating season, I haven't been happy with my appearance for quite some time (childbearing can be VERY unforgiving to some), and so all this considered I can assume it has to do with the changes I'm hoping I (and we all) can accomplish together in the new year. Maybe this fur coat dream is related to that.

Or is that too prosaic? Maybe it's just a stupid dream. ;)


Nicole said...

It could have simply been an odd dream or it could have been your subconcious acting out your insecurities regarding your body. Either way, don't think to much. :)

The new group is working wonderfully, we'll get there together.

Smerdyakov said...

Coats themselves often represent protectiveness or a defensive layer but I think the fact that it was a fur coat is significant. It symbolizes wealth/luxury as well as the desired to be admired and/or envied. Models project an image as they'd like to be seen, not necessarily how they are.
Your reticence re showing off the coat makes sense as it would show some inner conflict as you resent your own desire to be valued for physical belongings/attributes.

Or maybe you just had spicy food for dinner

Anonymous said...

Whoa! With no disrespect intended, those are pretty deep answers.

I thought it was just a dream.

I feel like such a dweeb now.

Kodijack said...

I agree that Pete is a dweeb.

I have been lurking on the Biscuit site, sounds like everyone on it is drawing a lot of inspiration and comfort, nice job.

Speckledpup said...

thanks for visiting me.
back atcha!

The Pup

A Spoon said...

i think all dreams mean something

Michelle said...

If AC hadn't already said his normal disclaimer, I was going to say...."maybe you just had spicy food for dinner" :)

Sue's World said...

For me, when I am carrying extra pounds or I'm out of shape (as I am now), I feel as though my outer layer is sort of separate from "the real me" underneath.

Maybe with the fur coat you have created kind of a metaphor: "this extra layer feels as uncomfortable as wearing a fur coat."

The BCB blog project is putting this outer layer on display in a setting that is a bit out of the ordinary, or at least different from everyday real life. Or as you said, "I was in a setting where many lights and eyes were upon me."

For me, even though you can't actually see my extra pounds, participating in the blog project means that I've put it out there in a sense for an audience of strangers to look at and judge.

Sue's World said...

OK, I just had to add this...

Or maybe you just ate spicy food for dinner.

clew said...

Spicy food ... What a bunch of smartypants! :D

Thanks everybody!!!

Rebecca said...

Maybe, it was a faux fur, and you just felt uncomfortable being the center of attention in general?

*** said...

I think you're probably right on with your dream analysis. I've had recurring dreams before where once I think I figured out what was causing them, I quit having the dream. It's all very fascinating.

I need to respond to your new blog invite! I just remembered!

Cheryl said...

I kind of think that fur coat may be how you feel about your body during boating season, and you can't wait to shed the "coat" that's not you.

Then again, maybe your subconcious is telling you that you never, ever want to be a model.

bigwhitehat said...
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bigwhitehat said...

I ask your forgiveness in advance. This is too much to resist.

You know you look good in fur. You know you want it.

The first clothes were leaves. The first fashion consultant replaced them with fur.

I am an animal lover. They are delicious. I too am a grain of salt person. put my salt on the animal I'm eating.

In short: Fur, its what is left over after dinner.

Hoo he he ha ha ha ha ha!

clew said...

I'm a meat eater too, BWH. I just don't like fur. If that makes me a hypocrite, I guess I am! :)

For the record, I don't eat mink or fox or rabbit. I do eat cows ... and do have leather jackets. ;)

Lori said...

I don't give much stock to dreams...but they are interesting to ponder. When I was younger I used to have very vivid, memorable dreams, but they've seemed to fade as I've gotten older. I did have one the other night where someone was dragging some stuff along the ground...Christmas greenery I think, and it was loud and annoying. I said out loud, "Would you stop doing that?!" and woke myself up saying it! What a dork!

bigwhitehat said...

Mink stinks. I haven't eaten fox yet. Rabbit is a mighty good rodent.

I know a woman that wears her late pets.

Nothing beats a bear skin rug. At least until it is filthy.

Nutria have fantastic pelts. Go figure.

As you can tell I've ran out of good comments long before I made these.

Hamartia MacGuffin said...

I had a particularly strange, vivid dream once, which I discussed the next day witha friend who was studying psychology. She went in-depth with profound theories of how the dream was a manifestation of some unfulfilled childhood goal, and how the dream represented my subconscious need to make that goal come to fruition.

I told her, "Actually, it was something that I'd watched on TV earlier that evening, detail-for-detail. It just got stuck in my head, and replayed while I was sleeping."

Sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar.

bigwhitehat said...

I love cigars. Double Chateau Fuente is my Favorite.

Anonymous said...

When I was little, I had nightmares all the time. My Dad told me after months of horror that they were my dreams and in my dreams I'm the Boss. I can do anything I want in my dreams. I was 8, I believed him. When I had my first nightmare after the "talk", I was a superhero. In my dreams I am Superman ,Batman ,Spiderman,you name it. I can fly and do what ever I want. I love my dreams. Sorry to bore all. Just thought it was worth the Ink. I've shared this secret with others who suffer over the years, and helped a few.

Anonymous said...

I think dreams are very fascinating. I've had some dreams to come true. Not many, I might add. And, some dreams are just pieces of the day's event. But, I think analyzing your dreams is important. With practice, you learn to distinguish those dreams that are just "pieces of the day" from those that do have some meaning.

Have you ever heard of Edgar Cayce?

Very interesting man...check it out when you have time.