Friday, January 13, 2006

The New 100

Once upon a time, my blog was a baby. When it was still quite young, I posted my rendition of the fashionable "100 Things" list. Over time I drew many topics from my list, and after a while decided it was getting redundant to keep it posted, so I removed my list.

I have come to a point where I find my posts quite uninspired more often than not. Therefore I have decided to compile a *NEW* 100 List. Maybe it will inspire and refresh my muses. Additionally, I hope it will entertain the regular visitor as well as the occasional passer-by at least a little bit.

As always, thank you for allowing me to bore you with my pointless blabble.


1. I'm suddenly in my - um, late mid-30's - and there's yet another birthday right around the corner.

2. Sometimes I forget I'm as old as I am.

3. Most of the people in my family have lived to be 90 and even older.

4. Statistically then, I'm nowhere near middle age. Whee!

5. Sure, we could all die tomorrow. But I like those statistics.

6. I live in exhausted delirium with 3 gorgeous men.

7. Husband, son, and dog - you perverts. ;)

8. I love boxing and strong man competitions.

9. I have a paralyzing fear of heights.

10. Also cockroaches.

11. Luckily, I rarely find myself having to deal with either one.

12. I didn't get my driver's license till I was 25.

13. I couldn't afford a car back then, so it didn't matter to me if I had a license or not.

14. If I have a sandwich that's cut diagonally, I'll always eat the round side first.

15. If the sandwich is whole, I'll always eat the round side last.

16. A lot of things I do make no real sense.

17. I used to run a political and theological website (before the word "blog" came around).

18. Being that I've been-there-done-that, I try to generally cover other things in this blog.

19. I have a silly dream of being a published writer.

20. That's one of the main reasons I started this blog, to find my voice and some kind of direction with that.

21. I don't know if I've made any progress with that.

22. I'm enjoying the experience nonetheless. I've run across a lot of fun and brilliant people and have benefitted greatly from this self-prescribed therapy.

23. I appreciate everyone who visits and comments. You'll all be remembered in my will. Seriously.

24. I am a born again Christian. :)

25. I am not a model born again Christian. :(

26. I'm trying to be better.

27. I swear. A lot sometimes.

28. I try not to swear on my blog.

29. I'm trying not to swear in general.

30. I have a propensity to count things and make them "even".

31. I'm a self-diagnosed obsessive compulsive.

32. My mind is constantly chewing on something. Very little downtime up there. Kind of maddening at times.

33. I don't get flu shots.

34. I can't take codeine. It gives me the sweaty shakes, and then I heave myself inside out.

35. Same with Vicoden, but worse.

36. The Hub suggested once that it's God's way of protecting me from an addiction.

37. Maybe so. God's pretty wise!

38. Brad Pitt? I don't get it. He just doesn't do a thing for me.

39. I like beer and I like pizza, but I don't like beer with pizza.

40. I still bite my nails. I've never been able to break the habit.

41. Well, I did quit biting my nails for a while, but then I quit smoking. And started biting again.

42. Better to bite your nails than smoke I guess.

43. I've never really wanted to be an actor or a model.

44. I did want to be a rock star.

45. I got over it.

46. I cry in movies.

47. I cry in movies that you wouldn't really think of as a cryer.

48. I'm kind of a sap.

49. I'm fascinated by serial killers. I want to know what makes them so sociopathic and so wrongly wired.

50. That doesn't mean I'm a bleedingheart. I'd throw the switch myself if they'd let me.

51. I know some might say that's not very Christian of me. Oh well. Refer to # 25.

52. I'm a member of the NRA.

53. I'm a damn good shot.

54. I have a very strange sense of humor.

55. I like the way vitamins taste.

56. I love to scrapbook.

57. I used to think scrapbooking was lame.

58. I got into scrapbooking totally by accident. I was just trying to make a cool photo album for a cruise we took. The rest is expensive but well spent history.

59. I love pen palling.

60. Lots of my letter writing is via email now, but I still have a handful of friends I write long snail mails with, just because we like it the old fashioned way.

61. One of my best girlfriends died of cancer almost 8 months ago.

62. My heart still breaks every day for missing her so.

63. I was blessed to know her - I'd rather have to suffer losing her than to have never known her.

64. I think everyone should remember how much good friends mean.

65. Regrets? Sure. Would I change anything? Probably not.

66. I have recurring dreams.

67. Most often I dream about tornadoes.

68. I am fascinated by those shows they have about stormchasers. I don't know which fuels which or if they're even directly connected.

69. If I can, I'll always watch a show about forensic investigation. Particularly documentaries.

70. I love trivia. I am a bank of useless information.

71. I would love to be on Jeopardy.

72. I haven't read fiction in ages.

73. I'm related to someone famous.

74. I won't eat anything with a face still on it. It's got to just look like meat, not like the animal it came from. (No that doesn't include gingerbread men and stuff like that, so hush up smartypantses out there)

75. I love the feeling I have after an intense workout. It feels like I just got a massage.

76. Chickens crack me up. I don't know why but they do.

77. I don't get chess. I've tried to learn, but I guess I'm too dumb.

78. My current profession has nothing to do with what I got my degree in.

79. I make more money in my current profession than I ever did in what I went to college for. Some say that makes me a sellout, but I'm not into the idea of living poor if I don't have to.

80. I love boating and being around the water.

81. I'm pretty miserable in the winter.

82. Our dog sleeps in our bed, but our son never has.

83. Our dog is spoiled rotten.

84. Our dog is so beautiful and such an absolute sweetie, you'd spoil him rotten too.

85. My husband is my hero. He can do just about anything. He's brilliant in ways I never could be.

86. A girlfriend of mine and I often say very strange things to each other in public. The Husband and I do this sometimes too.

87. We just like to freak people out.

88. I'm quite ornery at times. >;)

89. My best friend pointed out to me one time that puppy paws smell like Frito's.

90. She was right! Next time you have the chance to smell a dog's paws, check it out.

91. When I get a new CD, I listen to it about a hundred million times in a row before I listen to anything else.

92. Due to this compulsion, I can never remember what's been played on the radio and what's just familiar to me because I listened to the CD about a hundred million times in a row.

93. I misspell "and" all the time when I type. My fingers always want to type "adn".

94. Despite that fact, I went to the citywide spelling bee championship when I was in 6th grade.

95. I lost on the word "persevere".

96. I know how to spell it now, but still have to check on the spelling any time I use that word. Flashbacks, I guess.

97. I love anything fortean. Bigfoot, Loch Ness, Chupacabra, Springheel Jack, you name it. I just love the notion of things unknown.

98. Starting this blog has been one of the most fun things I've ever done for myself.

99. Also one of the most painful.

100. Even when life is bad, Life is good.

Happy weekend, everyone!


FTS said...

You just reminded me I need to finish my 100 things... some day. I must be really boring. You, on the otherhand, sound like lots of fun. :)

Speckledpup said...

what a list.

Thanks for visiting me....
Cool to hear you have a speckledpup.
You know that's also a term for something else.....
tee hee hee

clew said...

Pup - It is? Hm, I must be dumber than I thought. Don't know that one! Almost afraid to ask! LOL!!!

Martie said...

(P)otentially (U)nwanted (P)rogram....PUP?!? What else could it mean? I should do one of these lists too, but it would appear boring next to yours too.

Bainwen Gilrana said...

Wow, I'm still exhausted from doing my first 100 things list! ;-)

I had noticed that about puppy feet smelling like Fritos, though. I was just always scared to mention it because I couldn't imagine anyone else would agree! Maybe it's something to do with there being so much corn in Puppy Chow.

Nicole said...

Wow, I really need to finish my list. You put me to shame.

Thanks for sharing! It's nice to get to know you better.

Anonymous said...

Great list. That must have taken days. Your blog lets everyone benefit from your strange sense of humour. Don't ever change that.

And my sister and I are guilty of #86. Always thought it was just us.

And you ARE right about the puppy paws. I'm never eating Frito's again. (But, strangely, I'll still kiss puppies.)

Rebecca said...

Wow, lots in common you and I Miss Clew!

Boxing! Woohoo!
#31,33,49(ABSOLUTELY, I always have wanted to interview them to see what thinking at that very moment...), #59 (I have a great story that I should blog about that)..#70 (my nickname for myself is "vaste wasteland of useless information!), and #91.

Happy Friday!

Sue's World said...

I really enjoyed reading that! I could relate to quite a few of those, #86 included.

Oh, and the fact that chickens crack you up really cracked me up.

Bougie Black Boy said...

Love the new 100. . . I think i"ll have to repost mine or add to it.
2 things...
1. curious about serial killers? ME TOO. . . all of them. . .

2. winter is a bad time of year for you? Hmmm summer is mine!

Nunzia said...

thank you SO much for your beautiful post on my entry. I wish you every happiness! God bless you!

Bill said...

I just learned so much about you. Thank you for sharing.

bigwhitehat said...

You think I was pesky on your last post?
Now I have 100 things to comment on.

1. I'm glad we're the close in age.
2. It must be senility.
3. You're going to get mighty forgetful.
4. What is middle age?
5. Twain said,"There are tree kinds of lies: Lies, damn lies and Statistics."
6. Tramp.
7. Dogs are not men. His name is Tramp, right?
8. So, You like the Manly Men.
9,10,11. Do you climb a ladder to get away from bugs?
12. Lazy.
13. Lame excuse.
14,15. Yum. Sandwich.
16. I comment ad nauseum.
17. Imagine that.
18. Good this is more fun.
19. It is not silly.
20. I'm bored with this. For now.

Anonymous said...

Brad Pitt does nothing for me either. LOL Jane Seymour is a babe!

juanitagf said...

#16 explains #14 & 15.

bigwhitehat said...

21. No pogress? Put the pencil against the paper.
22. We love you to.
23. It won't matter since you will outlive me.
24,25,26,27,28,29. Me too.
30,31,32. There is medicine for that.
33. Me either.
34,35. Good Idea, bad side effects.
36. Maybe so.
37. Amen.
38. Me either.
39. So true.
40,41,42. Yuk. Both are nasty. I so enjoy the occasional Cigar though.
43. They both get paid to be sombody their not.
44,45. Me too.
46,47,48. My mom is that way.
49. I don't even want to know.
50. Me too.
51. Wrong God endorses the Death penalty.
52. I'm not but should be.
53. I beleive you.
54. Duh.
55. Strange.
56,57,58. You need a better template to sate the same muse.
59. Me too. This is why we comment.
60. Me too.
61. Sorry, that is terrible.
62. It should for a while.
63. That is a real friend.
64. They do if they have had one.
65. You must have smaller regrets than me.
66. Who doesn't.
67. I fly. No bad stuff.
68. I'm fascinated by idiots too.
69. Sick. Me too.
70,71. A regular Cliff Clayburn.
72. Hey, I wonder where you stole that.
73. Does it go to their head?
74. Not me. I can leave the head on the duck.
75. Yea!
76. They make me hungry.
77. No. You just don't like it. You don't need a reason.
78. You're a Mass Comm major too?
79. Same here.
80. Boater Bunny.
81. Move to Texas. That aint a problem here.
82. Pushy Pooch.
83,84. I gathered that from 82.
85. Must be why you like him.
86. TMI
87. You need help.
88. Good. Me too.
89,90. I understand that vultures smell like fresh wash. Go figure.
91,92. I used to. Now not so much.
93. Too fast.
94. Smarty pants.
95. How could you misspell that?
96. ie ei with me.
97. You should see the Marfa Lights.
98. Me too.
99. Not even close.
100. Read this.

bigwhitehat said...

That was fun. Goodnight Clew.

*** said...

Number eight - I absolutely love the Worlds Strongest Man Competition. Dale and I watched it all day on New Years Day.

*** said...

And ditto on number thirty-one and fifty-seven.

Hamartia MacGuffin said...

That's quite a list! I think you may have inspired me to write one on my blog, if it's okay to "borrow" your idea - credited to you, of course. ;)

Tirithien said...

Another pistolero? Could it be? Well... pistolera for you. :-)

Kodijack said...

Thats amazing, except for the chess thing, we are very similar. Oh, except for the Christian thing, not me.

I find it amazing that I have so many similar characteristics with so many people yet I think of myself of super unique. Hmm, probably not.

Lori said...

Wow...that was really fun! I liked learning all those things about you. And I can relate to many of them.

I'm so glad you're back!!!

Anonymous said...

I just loved reading this...and learning more about you...I have a LOT of reading to do, don't I???

Some comments (my numbers don't correspond with yours):

1. My recent birthday put me at the very end of "my mid-late thirties"
2. Age is a state of mind. I'm much younger than my drivers license says I am.
3. My family lives a long time, too. My great-grandfather lived to be 104...I was 23 when he died.
4. I don't like ladders....but I do love rollercoasters...go figure!
5. Your dreams aren't silly, silly!
6. I'm a born again Christian, too. We all strive to do better.
7. I, too, have a propensity to count things and make them "even". It has gotten better with age. I can now climb a staircase with an odd number of steps without panicking!
8. I don't like Brad Pitt, either.
9. I don't like pizza, but love beer when I'm bowling.
10. I quit smoking, too. I don't really bite my nails off...I just chew them until they are weak..then they break when i'm typing...or driving...or doing dishes (so I try not to do dishes).
11. I'm not a member of the NRA, but I do own a gun, and am a pretty good shot.
12. My heart breaks for the loss of your friend.
13. Good friends are everything...and I am glad I met you.
14. You certainly are a bank of knowledge as far as 80s music is concerned.
15. Who are you related to that's famous?
16. I don't get chess either. It's boring and dumb.
17. My current profession has nothing to do with my degree either.
18. Both of our dogs sleep in our bed (they are little, thank goodness!)
19. I have to read more NOW!