Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Brought to you by the Letter "R"

I hope to post something from the heart again in a day or two, but until then I’ve been meaning to play the Letter Game, passed on to me by the lovely Chesneygirl. Here's how it works: You take your assigned letter and then write 10 words that start with that letter and explain why they are important to you and how they relate to you. Normally I should say here that if you want to play, let me know and I’ll assign you a letter. But frankly I can’t handle that type of pressure. So if you want to play, go ask Chesney or Naïve for a letter, or assign yourself one ;). Sheesh, such a buck-passer, I know.

This was a bit more challenging than I expected, but it was pretty fun, too. Hope you enjoy learning yet more useless information about me!

Rabbits. Everybody knows that I love bunny rabbits. They’ve always been my favorite animal. I even still have my bunny from when I was a little girl – he’s one of my prized possessions. Speaking of rabbits, there’s a family of bunnies in the bushes out front of my house. The babies are so cute you’d just die. (Quiet, BigWhiteHat - Bunnies aren't for eating in my house. ;D)

Rock and Roll. I’m a music girl, especially rock and roll. I’ve gotten busy with other things as I’ve gotten older, but rock and roll used to be “my life”. I don’t mean I was a groupie. I mean I was a FAN, and a huge bank of rock knowledge and trivia. Rock and roll is a huge part of me even now.

Rinker. The make of our beloved family boat. I have always been drawn to water and was lucky enough to marry a fellow water nut. Our boat’s our second home and it’s hard for me to imagine life without it.

Rae. Naïve’s middle name. She’s my soul sister and best friend. Outside of God and family, the most important person in my life.

Records. I’m the family historian in my world. I research the genealogy and capture the events of our lives in my scrapbooks and journals. I love doing this. Memories alone fade so quickly.

Reality shows. Yes, I enjoy the guilty pleasures of Survivor, American Idol, and a few select others. And I also love the slice-of-life reality shows, like American Chopper, Miami Ink, and especially Deadliest Catch. I LOVE Deadliest Catch! (And here’s a bonus related R word for you here: The greatest Survivor of all time: RUPERT! Hee hee!)

Right. This is a twofer. My politics are right oriented – that’s a biggie. But I’m also … um … guilty of not apologizing very easily, or admitting that I am wrong. I’m stubborn that way (blush). I love to be right and hate to admit when I’m not so right. Pride is a big thing I struggle with …

Restless. If I’m not busy doing something, you can bet a dollar that at the very least, my mind is grinding away at a million miles an hour. I’m always thinking, writing, designing, composing, sorting - my brain is very restless. To the point of having a disorder, I sometimes think.

Rocky Mountains. Despite the fact that I’m a summer girl and should be living in the tropics somewhere – if I could move anywhere I think I’d choose the Rocky Mountains. Words cannot describe how they change you, just being there. God’s country. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

Randall. The bad guy in “Monsters, Inc.”. The movie presently the favorite in my house. That I get to watch and/or hear… Every. Single. Day. You know me – I love Incrediboy, and the laughter he emanates while watching is worth the madness of the water torture repetition. But let’s just say I hope the rain leaves SOON so we can go outside. AWAY from the DVD player.


Michelle said...

Wait a tick ~ What's this "outside of" business. :) JK

Great list. But for the record, you don't have a hard time saying you're wrong.

chesneygirl said...

Aw, you called me lovely!:)

More stuff in common...I too am drawn to water (and sun and sand) and we have a beloved boat but ours is a Bayliner.

Me too a summer girl...ALL THE WAY!! My dream is to live in the tropics....also because that's where Kenny loves to be too, but that's beside the point. ;)

I'm always right about everything too ya know!

Fun list!! Glad you played!

Speckledpup said...


love your RRRRRRR's

Happy Humpy Day

The Pup

Ame said...

Enjoy hearing Monsters Inc daily ... the fav of the season will change! Now when old fav's are mentioned, my girls say, "those are BABY shows/movies Momma!!!"

Mindless Dribbler said...

For the "Right" part of the R's...all that tells me is that you really are female.

That movie you get to watch/hear everyday? I have no pity for you. I watched and or heard "The Land Before Time' like a gazillion times. I'm so glad mine's too old now. :)

Saur♥Kraut said...

What a Ripping good Read! ;o)

Martie said...

Hey Clew, I'm never wrong either....maybe mistaken once or twice, but never wrong. JK. Nice "R" post. Enjoyable read!

Stacy said...

Monsters Inc would be my savior right now. It's been Dumbo central here for the last couple weeks. I almost feel like going to Africa and joining up with some elephant poachers. But, yeah, it makes her laugh.

This rain has got to end. Ooh, a bird just tweeted outside. There's hope yet!

Dionne said...

I'm amazed how much we have in common. I could relate to a lot of those. I loved this list. I watch Survivor too & Amazing Race. Rupert, Stephanie, Ethan & Terry are probably my favorite survivors. My kids and I were so bummed Terry didn't win this past sunday.

*** said...

Bunnies....have you read the book Knuffle Bunny to your son yet? It's cute and funny!

And you are so on with the Rocky Mountains. Once I moved here, I couldn't imagine being anywhere else.

Rebecca said...

I'm right there with you on "records" and "rock and roll". :)

Anonymous said...

I love rabbits too! I had two pet rabbits - Roxy and Moonpie.

Lainey said...

Here is my rabbit story. When my daughter was a little girl, someone gave me a package of frozen rabbit. I had never tried eating rabbit, but decided to try cooking it. When I told my daughter what we were having for dinner, she said, 'I'm sorry, I don't eat bunny'. I had a hard time eating 'bunny', too, so we had a sandwich instead. Her dad and brother, however, had no qualms about devouring the poor little creature.

Joy said...

i also love the rocky mountains! although, i've only been to the northern part, bordering British Columbia and Alberta - absolutely breathtaking. i'd love to visit the rockies in colorado one of these days. :)

shay v. said...

You ROCKED the "R", clew! I'm glad you did it instead of me cause you did it justice! I love Incrediboy, too! The favs in my home are "The Polar Express" (X doesn't care at 2 that it's no where near Christmas!!) and "Chicken Little" (LOVE this one!!) I love Pixar best, though! Oh, and I love reality shows, too!! It's a secret indulgence!

It's Just Me said...

Cool list!

I love rabbits too. I had pet bunnies as a kid. I don't like it when they eat from my flower beds though. Oh well. Hard to get too mad when they're that cute.

bigwhitehat said...

I'll bet you a coke that when you were a teen, you own a bunny skin coat.