Friday, July 14, 2006

Vacation sucks.

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The other Lyric of the Day:

The weather is here,
I wish you were beautiful.

- Jimmy Buffett

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My summer vacation week is almost over. I never thought I'd say this, but I'm almost glad.

It has rained. Every day. All week. We've made the best of it - seen nearly every movie out right now - one of them twice (guess which one - *sly grin*). Went shopping for window blinds and socks and work clothes. Messed around and relaxed. Did some housecleaning (yay).

Any day off is good. But all our plans we'd made for boating and motorcycle road trips and a visit to the zoo were washed out this week (pardon the pun). It's been about the lamest vacation ever.

I just wanted to complain for a minute. I know no one's sympathetic - but I hope I brought you some fun in laughing at my misfortune.

I'm actually looking forward to going back to work Monday. I'm sure it will be beautiful outside.


Michael Lehet said...

I'm sorry to hear that : -( Don't feel bad, my vacation got cancelled because of rain as well, only I ended up going back to work instead of taking the time off.

Speckledpup said...

Sorry kid.
I understand, I feel your pain...however since I WORKED ALL DAMN WEEK...I'm over it.

Martie said...

Man, that's terrible. I hate when it rains all the time and plans have to be cancelled! No laughing here....I'm very sympathetic!! XOXOXO

You should have come up here!!

Nelly said...

snicker snicker! ;)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes you just need a vacation from your vacation. :)

Itchy said...

That happened to us on our anniversary. All of our plans were for nice outdoor activities. We had to change to indoor activities. That can be fun though, too.

Sorry that it ruined your entire week, though!

Unknown said...

complain as you wish, we all have thick skin. Its good for you to let it out. I sorry thar the rain ruined your time off but look at it this way, rain is good for the trees and grass and it sits in pools for birds to drink from and it washes out the air. I do not drive and some time I have to catch a bus or walk and when I find myself caught in the rain I just make myself enjoy it. This is not to take anything from you , its my poet's attude not to find faut with nature for to me it is a divine thing. If it help

Rain, rain go away
Little CLEW wants to play.
Damn, my summer vacation weeek
and all it did was rain
That old refrain hitting on the window pane
The whole week through
The over casted gloomy sky that crys
That old song
That cleans the world
That feeds the throat of birds and beast
That renew the growing grass and tress
It seem that its here to stay
That nothing can hold it at bay.
Rain, rain go away, come back some other day
Little CLEW wants to play.

Saur♥Kraut said...

I love the Jimmy Buffet quote. Hadn't heard that one before!

Mindless Dribbler said...

HA...see what happens when you talk trash about being off?

Anyway, my condolences on a wet vacation.

It's Just Me said...

No way! I'm so sorry it rained on your vacation. I'm sure the next one will be much, much better.

Maybe this will make you feel better - on my vacation I was stuck in a postage stamp sized cabin with my mother-in-law and several other inlaws while it poured rain out.

Yes, you can laugh at me. As long as it makes you feel better. ;)

Cheryl said...

Oh man! If it makes you feel any better, the coast leg of our vacation was almost ruined by rain. Well, at least you're having some relaxation, right? It could be worse--I had to drive in the rain and fog. :)

Anonymous said...

I've missed you so! Gads, looks like I should have checked in sooner! :)

One of my favorite lyrics is from a Jimmy Buffet song called Fruit Cakes & it goes "I treat my body like a temple, you treat yours like a tent." I always chuckle over that one...

Glad your back my friend~

bigwhitehat said...

You need to get some action.

Ame said...

Sorry ... and when it rains sooo much it kinda gets depressing after awhile. hehehehehe ... i'm reminded of the book "Arthur's Family Vacation" ... perhaps it might bring a smile to your face, too ... gosh, I must be a mom of little ones!!!!! LOL

Anna said...

Yeah I took my vacation in NJ, and it rained...everyday...sucked!!