Monday, August 21, 2006

Whole Lotta Nuthin'

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Lyric of the Day:

Nuthin' from nuthin' leaves nuthin'.
- Billy Preston
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

That pretty much sums it up. It’s not that my life is nothing (er, nuthin’), but I just don’t seem to have anything to write that is of the creative line lately. I’ve been trying – doing lots of thinking and meditating on conjuring up something creative – but it’s just not there right now and hasn’t been for the majority of the summer, if you haven’t noticed. So I’ve decided to give up for the time being and just do a little rambling, and maybe it will lead back to other things. I’ll call it a return to roots. After all, aimless rambling is how Clew’s Blues started in the first place … Plus it will give us a time to catch up, right? ;)

First and foremost I wanted to announce that I’m going to kick Na├»ve’s butt, and everyone else’s too, who told me to watch that stupid Napoleon Dynamite movie. So y’all watch out. ;). BTW, if anyone’s interested, I have a nearly brand new copy of Napoleon Dynamite for sale. Cheap.

I picked up some new pj’s for Incrediboy this weekend. Hub held them up and said these are so big! I said well that’s the next size up from what he has now, and those are getting too small. That’s when it hit me that my little baby boy, who weighed less than 8 pounds at the start of his life on the outside, is now half my height. And I’m not a short woman. And as happy as that makes me, it also breaks my heart.

We’ve discovered a new way to harass Most Beautiful Dog. I don’t remember why we were even doing this, but if we go “beep beep beep”, like a truck backing up, it makes MBDog nuts and he will either go on a mad tear (much like the Globe of Death evening), or he will attack you with boxing paws and big slobbery smooches, powerful enough to knock you into the next room if you’re standing. Such a strange dog. The same thing happened with a certain song from a diamond commercial when he was a pup – but that trigger has passed. Perhaps this one will too, but for now it’s pretty amusing - until something inadvertently gets torn up. Then I’ll be mad.

I had a strange dream the other night. I ran into some people I haven’t seen in many years but used to spend a lot of time with. I was happy to see them but they didn’t remember me. I said how can you not remember me? We were like family! And one of them said, well you’re so ugly I don’t see how I could forget you! Then they all laughed at me. It was just a dream, but even after I’d been awake for a while, it still hurt.

Here’s the latest burr up my butt. Everyone knows I live in the country. The road we live on was no doubt once dirt, but has just been topcoat sprayed and scattered with a small amount of fine gravel once a year since God knows when. After about a week, the loose pieces of the tiny gravel fuse with the topcoat and the road is smooth and renewed again. It’s a darn good system, too, as my road is in fine shape, and despite a decent amount of heavy truck and farm equipment traffic is at least twice as smooth a ride as anything in the city. There’s NOTHING wrong with my road. But we’ve heard through the township grapevine that there are plans to completely tear the road out and repave it with a new asphalt road. WHY? Why can I not even move to the middle of cornfield central and still not escape road construction? (Ripping hair out by the roots) ARGH!

Well, that’s about it. Oh yeah, I’m kind of planning a trip but I don’t want to talk about it yet because the details aren’t finalized. But I’m excited about it. I’ll be seeing someone I miss a real lot. So much that I probably won’t even kick her butt even though she deserves it. Refer to earlier in the post ;). Stupid Napoleon Dynamite.

Have a great week, everyone.


Saur♥Kraut said...

For not having plenty to talk about, you sure got enough in here! ;o) I remember when MINE was a teeny tiny baby. Now he's 5'4" and hasn't hit his growth spurt yet (according to his dr.). Whew!!!

Melzie said...

I couldn't sit through that movie... I tried... and just mailed it back to my sister, who told me to watch it. ;) bummer on your road. I bought Nathan new underwear and stuff, and flipped when I realized he's now in double digit clothes. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Now you got me wonderin' whatever happened to Billy Preston...enjoyed your ramblin...take a look at this cartoon when you get a chance :)

Mindless Dribbler said...

Awww...hey, I wanna go!! She's been lagging a bit too.

Well, c'mon...I, for one, liked the movie...but I'm practically an idiot anyway.

My favorite line:
"Don't get jealous cause I'm chatting with all these hot babes on the internet"


Itchy said...

I love Napoleon. How much you want for that sweet DVD??!?! And you get to see Naive. Luckyyyyy. :)

We too have a crazy dog that goes nuts when we go "bong bong." Anytime SVU or L&O is on we'll go "bong bong" went the bong bong noise plays and BeagleGirl loses her fool mind. Crazy assed dogs...

Anonymous said...

Road Trip!!!

Well I just want you to know that a cream cheese bagel goes great with your blog. (the editor snacking as she reads)

Hey, off topic, but did you read about Justin Timberlake commenting on how Taylor Hicks couldn't carry a tune? Very rude comment...he's just scared, I think. Little ex-boy band. LOL

Take care and by the way- I like your rambling,

the editor of the blazing firebird journal

chesneygirl said...

We have the EXACT same issue with the road we live on! I wonder if we live in the same "cornfield central"?

I'LL be kicking YOUR butt if you're coming to Michigan and that trip planning you're doing doesn't include me!! ;) ...just sayin'

Martie said...

From the sounds of these comments maybe you better plan a "blog friends reunion" when you come to Michigan; you know, pick a central spot and all agree to meet up and have lunch...if you do that, count me in too.

Glad you're back with your ramblings!! I miss ya, Clew!

Nelly said...

I'm with Chesney! Damn you Clewy! Sure, plan a trip with Naive but not Nelly and Chesney? What are you thinking!? :)

BigDadGib said...

Time is wizzin' by.
Btw, I am still buyin' pj the next size up.... I think I'm still getting bigger...:)

Rebecca said...

See... I KNEW I wasn't crazy for hating that movie!!! I don't like it either. There were a few parts that definitely made me laugh, but really, i just don't appreciate that dumb sense of humor.

Mindless Dribbler said...

I still haven't been invited and shit. I don't know...instead of emailing it, tell me you didn't waste money on a stamp buddy?

Lainey said...

Nice rambling, indeed.

I haven't seen Napoleon Dynamite. I've heard it's really weird/funny. Whatever.

I finally had a *creative* writing urge recently, which very rarely happens.
Check out my blog: When Good Bras Go Bad.

Keep ramblin!

Kate said...

I'm spending my day wondering why they pay me to blog-hop and then remembering that they don't know they're paying me to do so, and while I'd rather be home with my offspring I can at least pass the time scrolling down the blogroll and finding how who's worth a second read.

And, you are. Thanks for making the effort to spell things correctly and use the shift key and have thoughts. I appreciate it.

I didn't like Napoleon Dynomite either.

And I did like Pluto.