Sunday, September 24, 2006


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Lyric of the Day:

Is there anyone who ever remembers
Changing their mind from the paint on a sign
Is there anyone who really recalls
Ever breaking rank at all
For something yelled real loud one time

- John Mayer
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I bought a new CD recently. I have been waiting for its release for a long time, and I love nearly everything about it. Except for one thing.

Frankly, I’m pretty bored with anyone in the entertainment industry giving me social and political advice. I feel like giving them a good shake and saying, HEY! I pay you to entertain me. Entertain me and leave the filibustering out. I’m not quite the smartest woman on the planet, but I am indeed no idiot, and certainly not clueless enough to rely on entertainers for any sort of social or societal guidance.

I’m not going to get into dialogue about my stand on the war right now. Those who know me know what it is. I have been on both wings of our country’s political bird of prey, and wisdom gained through observance and study have guided me from utopian pipe dream politics to what I believe to be the “right” view of the world. (Play on words deliberate). My stand on current events is not important in congruence to my thoughts today. But my stand on unity is. The decisions have been made. It is immeasurably important for our country’s citizens, regardless of their personal feelings, to come together and support the actions of our leaders in a unified front. To present oppositions and lack of support shows the chinks in our chain-mail. It shows our enemies where to strike, and that any strike will further weaken us. It shows America as divided and defeatable.

I’m troubled that this artist, whom I have loved and respected for years, has become part of the self-deprecating decay of our country’s strength. Subtle as it is, it troubles me. They are entitled to their opinions, yes. But I disagree with the timing. I don’t think anyone really wants war. But we are at war. The decisions have been made and it’s time to put differences aside and band together. Those we are at war with are ruthless. Why is it so difficult to understand how crucial unity is right now? Must we tear ourselves apart and become weak by our own hands? The entertainment industry especially is doing America a grievous disservice. At times even encouraging the enemy.

Will I stop listening to this artist? No. Will I stop listening to this CD? No. Boycotts aren’t really my style. I can separate such things and simply take this music as what it is – entertainment. Words. Nothing else. I just pray it will not fall upon the ears of those who plan harm to our country and her citizens – our friends, our families - lest they see light shining through the thin spots of our armor.


Itchy said...

I don't really mind singer/songwriters voicing their political views via song. It's the one medium that people have used to express themselves for thousands of years. Artistic expression, in my opinion, is part of music's appeal. We turn to music when we are sad. People write songs about their pain. What's on their mind. Their loves. Their losses. An editorial set to music.

Personally the freedom we all have to share our own opinions is what makes this country great. And most people that I speak with, even those of a differing opinion from my own on the state of affairs, the Safety, Integrity, and Love of this nation is what is the common thread.

clew said...

Itchy, I agree with you all the way. Hence my closing statement of this not changing my listening to the CD despite the difference in opinions. What bothers me is when entertainers take it upon themselves to become guidance counselors and not just another voice. Perhaps I didn't express this accurately.

I do still stand by my comment that strong expressions of opposition to our country's leadership during viable times is not wise from a global standpoint. Now is a time for unity - and as a family would, bond together in time of need despite differences and disagreements, focusing real concern on getting things done that have been started. That was my main thought.

Thanks for your input!

Rebecca said...

I absolutely agree!!!
Are you referring to John Mayer? Or are you talking about someone else?

I stopped listening to the Dixie Chicks for a long time because of their political insight. It's like, listen - you get paid because you're talented, don't get confused and start thinking your smart! hahaha, I know that's mean. But truly - just entertain me, don't enlighten me!!! If I want political music, I'll listen to Bob Dylan or Bob Marley!

chesneygirl said...

Well said.

I had the same feeling about the Dixie Chicks three years ago. I had just purchased tickets (for ALOT of money) to their concert when they spouted off about the president. I am not a political person AT ALL but I was disappointed. However, it did not keep me from listening to their music or even attending their concert a month later. A number of my friends and family (including my own husband) could not understand why I could and would still attend their concert.

I explained similar to the way you just did....I'm going because I love their music and they entertain me. That's all there is to it.