Monday, October 09, 2006

Top 5 Things Learned at Blogarita

5. .... A woman who is immeasurably cheap when buying scrapbooking embellishments in her hometown will allow money to fly out of her wallet at the scrapbook store if in another city.

4. .... Playing Balderdash after killing a bottle of butter shots is about the funniest thing ever.

3. .... Stifling laughter can make some people fart.

2. .... Cowtipping is a farce - cows sleep laying down.

1. .... Cellophaning a garage door is harder than you think.

Hi Honeys, I'm home! I had so much fun with mah girls ... and I miss them all terribly! I have a picture of the four of us at my desk now. I don't know if it makes it better or worse. <:)

More later!


Spin_Doc1 said...

I am not sure about the cow thing, horses will sleep standing up at times.

Nelly said...

OMG!!! I'm farting right now reading number 3! HA HA HA HA HA! I seriously can't stop laughing! HOLY CRAP! That is a great list!

chesneygirl said...

You ain't wrong about #1!!!
Good grief!

#4...I've never laughed so freakin' hard in my life!!

You are an awesome woman, Clew!!!
...tons of fun to hang out with! :)

Love you to death! :)

...are you kidding me right now?!?!

Nunzia said...

haha thats so cute. :)

Michelle said...

It's true. Cows can sleep standing up, but they don't.

You do know you'll have to post about this in depth. Everyone is wondering just what kind of weekend we had!

I miss you guys!

Martie said...

Please send pic of the cellphaning a garage door....I totally missed it! ;( I miss you and wish I could have spent more time with ya.....but it was really good to see and hug ya!

Nelly said...

You forgot the most important thing we all learned this weekend . . . Nelly has african american in her family tree somewhere!

clew said...

I didn't forget - I just thought I'd let you tell that part ;)

Saur♥Kraut said...

OK, what the hell are buttershots and... I really don't want to know how or why you were in a field trying to tip cows. But I wish I had a video.

Mindless Dribbler said...

lol..Hell, I don't even wanna ask how you know about some of them.

Glad you're back safe and sound and had a good time, buddy!

bigwhitehat said...

Sometimes they do doze off while standing. I have seen it for my self. Tipping takes a bunch of force. They don't always wake up. Sometimes they wake up when your running at them. Cow snot is nasty. So is..........

Tracy said...

WOW, Everyone likes to comment on the cow tipping! How Funny! Nelly says I would have fit in on your weekend, I think she didn't want me to come because I burp and fart. When you guys let loose, she realized I would have fit in after all! Glad you all had fun!

Rebecca said...

FUN FUN FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Glad your girls had a blast!
There's nothing better for the sould than some Sistahs and some Laugh-tah. ;)