Wednesday, October 04, 2006

When it absolutely positively has to get LOST

I try not to bad mouth directly here. But I’m mad at a certain shipping company and I need to gripe. So we’ll give them a pseudo name. We’ll call them Fad Ax.

I hate Fad Ax.

I was going to explain in maddening detail but I think I’ll spare you. Let’s just say I ordered a really neat gift for a certain someonaive that I won’t name, because it’s her birthday in like a week and a half. I wanted to take it with me to Blogarita Festiva and time is running out. So I tracked it and lo & behold Fad Ax says it was delivered to me on September 29th.

They lie.

Hm? Oh, I know, I already thought of that. But we live on a back road, and the package was supposedly delivered at dusk. Hub was working outside first thing the next morning and didn’t see it. It’s highly unlikely someone swiped it in the pitch black of BFE.

Yeah, I thought of that, too. But if they’d left it with a neighbor, a.) our neighbors would have let us know, 2.) Fad Ax would SHOULD have left a sticker, and c.) they shouldn’t have said they left it on my porch. So as I see it, it’s their problem, not mine. SO. I have made it my mission du jour to call and harass everyone I can get ahold of and I practically have the freaking national guard looking for this package. I called the vendor and told on them, too.

Fad Ax hates me. I don’t care. I hate them back right now. They’re the ones who hang their hat on being so reliable and dependable. I’m probably only one in a scrillion cases who got the shaft. But to me, that’s the one that counts. Buttholes.

In case I don’t have a chance to post again, y’all know where I’ll be this weekend. WOOT! I can’t wait.


Nelly said...

Ha ha! I thought this was a lead in post to talk about "Lost" that starts tonight!!! I'm a dork!

I'm so sorry this happened Clewy. I hope it turns up tomorrow before you leave!


i used to be me said...

ya'll have fun

without me :(

Rebecca said...

You're the 2d person in two weeks to say something like that. My mom had an issue with them getting my niece's birthday gift to her. Funny, they're almost always so reliable!

Have fun at Blogarita! I've been chatting with Miss Naive and she's very excited!!!! :)

Mindless Dribbler said...

Fad Ax is irresponsible and should be held accountable for their unethical behavior.

I will take care of this buddy.

Ya'll have an excellent time.

Martie said...

I've been helping Clew work on this one, Drib. Thought we had it handled cause we had an "in" but even with an "in" they're a bunch of jerks!! Sorry Clew....but you still have the alternative we discussed! ;)

Cheryl said...

Fad Ax once threw a signature-required-for-delivery package containing a prescription over a locked entry gate (you know, the high, sliding electric kind at the end of a long driveway) at a friends' estate, where it was eaten by his dogs. Expensive greyhounds. Who had to have their stomachs pumped. And it was also an expensive prescription. Did FAD AX pay for it?? Heck no.

chesneygirl said...

Makes me wonder....

What can brown do for you?


Anonymous said...

ewww down with Fad Ax lol after this post I'm not liking them too much either. Have a great weekend with your girls :)

Michelle said...

Alls I got to say is, "Where's the package?" Seeing as how it was for me and all, I have a high interest in it's being found! LOL

Scone said...

They did that to us last Christmas with some of the presents for the kids. They swore up and down that it had been delivered, though we were all home all day and night and would have noticed. A few days later it turned up, but a late Christmas present when you're 5 just doesn't cut it.