Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Since you asked ...

… This was probably the worst Christmas I’ve ever had. At the very least it’s tied with the time my father and I weren’t speaking and I didn’t go home, spending my first Christmas ever away from my family. But it’s mighty close.

But ya see, in the grand scheme, I know darn well that many people had a much worse Christmas than I. So then I feel guilty for even feeling sorry for myself. But you know what? I’m tired of other people’s worse-than-you stories robbing me from throwing myself a good pity party. So listen up, or click on to the next blog, whatever suits you. But I’m going to pout a little now.

Incrediboy’s been really struggling with his latest bug. He had a pretty good fever for nearly a week, accompanied by deep hard coughing frequently followed by a huge splatter of phlegm, vomit, or both. He’d cough all night and was exhausted, miserable and nearly inconsolable. We had him to the doc three times before they gave us a scrip for amoxycillin. His fever broke the next morning. Possibly coincidence, but it really makes me want to kick some butt over there. Whether here nor there though, he was still sick through the holidays.

If there is anything worse than a sick little one, it’s having a sick little one when you are sick too. We had plans with my husband’s family on Saturday and my family on Monday. Joy of joys, I felt it coming on me Friday night as I wrapped gifts, and I woke up on Saturday feeling like I’d swallowed a hedgehog and had been run over by a convoy of Humvees. So we cancelled our plans with Hub’s family. I was still sick on Christmas Eve, and so we cancelled plans with my family, too.

I still felt like crapola on Christmas Day, but Incrediboy felt better at least – so I pushed through my own misery to make the day special for him. Sadly, we only had a meager half-dozen gifts under the tree for him because we’d wanted to do more shopping before the plague came upon our home – and had planned on gathering with family, thus multiplying the gift load. Dear sweet Incrediboy, still young and unmarred by commercialism, didn’t know the difference and was happy all the same. But I felt like a real crumb about that. Not to mention that Hub and I decided to forego gifts for each other this year in interest of getting something big (like a washer/dryer or a new couch or something) after the first of the year. So, there was nothing under the tree for either of us – only a few lame trinkets I’d gotten for our stockings so we’d all have something to dig out on Christmas morning. Not a big deal really, but on the other hand it was kind of depressing.

Hub began feeling bad on Christmas night, but seems to have fended it off. Incrediboy is still hacking a little and has intermittent mucous attacks but in general is back to his sparkling self. I am still up poop creek. My snot locker’s full, my throat is raw, and my muscles ache. I’m doped up on Advil Cold & Sinus and Nyquil and I think my tastebuds are officially dead from all the Sucrets I keep eating in vain attempt to dull the throat pain. I’m freezing all the time but am still coming to work because it’s year-end time. Plus I had already scheduled Thursday and Friday off and like a selfish beyotch I want at least ONE them to spend solely on myself. Doing what, I don’t know. Go shopping to replace my 10-year-old wardrobe? Spend the whole day at the bookstore? Call up a girlfriend for a leisurely lunch? Wander through the museum? Get my hair done? Spend the day in uninterrupted scrapbooking bliss? I don’t know. But Mommy needs some me-time.

Just. Me.

Of course will I even feel like doing any of that? Probably not. I feel like crap.

Thanks for listening, even if you didn’t. :) I’ll try to get back to my cheerful self in the new year! Much love to all of you ~


Martie said...

I don't know what happened to my isn't here. Basically what I said was to not minimize your feelings and your problems by saying there are probably a lot of people who had a worse Christmas......your feelings are important to you and those of us who love you, and just because there could be someone out there who had a terrible Christmas doesn't invalidate your feelings! Hugs, Clewie! XXXX

Anonymous said...

Hey CLEW!!! Feel free to bitch away! Hope y'all are all feeling better soon. ENOUGH ALREADY!!!

Nelly said...

I'm really sorry for all of the crap you've dealt with over the past month, along with the little man's sickness. Believe me, I know how it is to have a sick child for a month or two at a time. Princess was always sick, she still gets her share of colds and coughs and throwing up nasty balls of mucus because of coughing so hard. GOD, I've had so many months of that!

I guess all you have to do is look to the new year to bring better times and better health! Love you sister! Hope you kick this shit soon!

Nelly said...

P.S. Daughtry ROCKS! HARD! I can't stop listening to it! Although someone brought in Rockstar Supernova's CD that they got for Christmas and I'm rockin out to that right now, but I'm having Daughtry withdrawls as I type! I'm not kidding, I probably listened to it 15 times yesterday!

Anonymous said...

Dang Clew, you got a bug there just hoppin' from one person to another. Sucks it ruined all those plans.

I'm with everyone else...bitch and moan away. I'd do the same.

Rebecca said...

Hey Chickie!
Nice to see you back! ;)
I'm sorry your holiday was dampened by being sick. :( That's lousy.... My kids are just getting over being sick (though not nearly to the point of you and Incrediboy) and I'm just coming down with it now it seems.

Here's a big HUG hoping that you feel better by New Years - and don't feel selfish about a "me" day. We all need them now and again.....

Happy New's to 2007.

Ame said...

ya know ... the "that's worse than me" thing will kick you in the butt everytime. if it's bad for you; it's bad for you. done. it doesn't have to be more bad than me or anyone else to be bad for you! so, throw that pitty party - the holidays sucked this year. done. now we'll move on into 2007 ... and maybe celebrate christmas on valentines day ;)

BigDadGib said...

At least you did not end up in jail!


Happy New Year!!!

Sam said...

Would it help to kow that my Christmas sucked, too? *hugz*

Bainwen Gilrana said...

Poor Clew. Feel better soon.
*sends chicken soup vibes*

Sunny said...

Here's to you Clew, that 2007 brings you all things good and kind. Feel better. Take good care, and as the blogger above me said, "at least you're not in jail". Yeah. Not a good place.

Much love and ((hugs)) Sunny.
Happy New Year.
P.S. A.I. starts in a few weeks - let's see if we can pick the winner this year again... ;)

Anonymous said...


Well, in my humble opinion, I think it is natural to feel the hurt of the moment. I mean, if you feel bad and things aren’t going right, should you ignore it and say there are others worse off. It is good to realize others are worse off and be thankful for the things in your life that are good but you must also recognize and give attention to your own feelings of hurt as well.

I was watching an interview with a self help guru once on TV and he was asked if he ever had anymore bad days. His answer was “No.” To me, that’s impossible. He isn’t living if he is happy all the time. You gotta feel what you are feeling. I personally think a good cry is necessary ever so often.

I hope you are feeling much better very soon! Happy New Year!

Rebecca said...

Woops, posted this on the wrong thing!

Hugs -

Theresa said...
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Theresa said...

It's okay to want special times with your family, and it's okay to feel disappointed that your holiday didn't turn out the way you wanted.

I hope everyone is doing much better now and you can bring in 2007 with health and happiness.

Anonymous said...

Where ya at?? Hope you're all feeling better!

Anonymous said...

So write something already Beotch

Dionne said...

I'm sorry you had a rough time, my Christmas had some low points too.