Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Resolutions and Other Pointless Stuff

Last year I did a post on my new year’s resolutions, all of which pretty much fell flat along the course of the year. Big shock, right? I mean isn’t that the story for everyone? Whoever came up with the concept of new year’s resolutions needs their butt kicked.

Yet, being the obsessive-compulsive weirdo that I am, I can’t help myself – I have to make some. Yes, I know it’s January 10th and you’re supposed to make resolutions effective the 1st, but better late than never. Besides, as Big White Hat said in his NYR post (paraphrased), I’ve got all year to do this. Here’s what I’ve decided on this year.

The token resolution:
Get back in shape.

Other more fun resolutions:
Get back to my recreational writing.
Stay in better touch with friends.

And here’s a resolution pact I’m making with Incrediboy:
Get him potty-trained!

We’ll see how this year goes.

On to other things … Hub and I ventured into the city last night for dinner with some friends and then we all took in a hockey game. I’ve only been to one other – I don’t follow hockey very closely but I do love it. Especially in person! Last night my Blue Jackets met the St. Louis Blues. It was a pretty exciting game, ending in a 3-3 tie in overtime and being decided with a sudden death match. In the end, St. Louis won (pooh), but we had a great time all the same. I think I may have to start watching hockey on TV.

Last Saturday I had opportunity to take a last minute jaunt up to see Naïve for the day. Hub had some business to take care of in the area and so Incrediboy and I tagged along. We came up Friday night and stayed with Martie, and then we hung out with Naïve and family on Saturday. Martie was kind enough to watch the boys for us in the evening so we could have a nice adults only meal at a great restaurant there, and then we were home by midnight. It was a short but well-enjoyed visit! I miss them all so much again though. My husband adores Martie and we are discussing moving into her guest room on a permanent basis. LOL.

Does anyone know anything about MySpace? I have a group of friends who have been pestering me to sign up for it. I’ve been digging my heels in because I’m really not interested in trying to keep up on another online community when I’ve been so lame about this one as it is … but I finally caved and set up an account. I really haven’t done much with setting my page up and probably won’t – but at least I can now harass my MySpace using friends with annoying comments, which was all I wanted to do anyway. Hee hee.

Oh, back to resolutions – if anyone knows of any cool blogger writing groups, I’d be obliged if you’d pass it on. I am a member of The Scheherazade Project but am interested in looking for other sources of inspiration. Hopefully I’ll be posting some creative writing within the week. Aren't you EXCITED!?!?

Hope you are all well. As always, thanks for sticking with me.


Anonymous said...

Isn't the one Naive is a member of too? Course, I don't know everything...just close to it.

Not a big fan of hockey here unless I'm actually there. Unless they're fighting, it usually gets bypassed on my TV.

All I know about MySpace is that I have to take a crowbar under my son's butt and the computer chair to get him off of it while they're here :)

Hope everything is good with you and yours buddy!

Spin_Doc1 said...

Love, Love, Love hockey in person, it is very difficult to watch on tv.

Martie said...

I never watch hockey.....

Glad you had a good time last weekend, and let me know when you will arrive and I'll clean that closet and dresser out for your clothes ;)

chesneygirl said...

I've never been to any hockey game. But up here in "Hockeytown" it's pretty much impossible to get Wing tickets. However, my little brother seems to score them all the time....5 or 6 games a season. And do ya think he ever invites his big sister? Hell no. Brat.

I have a myspace page that was JUST set up. But I didn't set it up. V, from Dazed & Confused (blog) did it for me. I still haven't figured it out much. Don't get on very often. But hey, Tim McGraw is my friend! :)

Anonymous said...

I want to see the Carolina Hurricanes play someday. I have seen the stadium up close. But, I'll have to admit I was more excited over seeing the NC State football stadium. The two are within sight of one another. I'm a big football goon. LOL

As for is okay. I tried it but cancelled my account because a coworker was trying to find me. LOL Anyway, I have thought about starting a new account. MySpace is great for networking. But, as you typed, it is something else to keep up with.

I know what you mean about New Year's Resolutions. I have decided I'm not calling mine NYR, but instead I'm working on continuous improvements and goals.

Lori said...

Hi Clew! I actually have a few moments of net time so wanted to drop a quick note and let you know that I'm still here.

I miss reading your blog and writing on mine. Guess what my NY's resolution is?!

Take care of yourself...xoxoxo

Rebecca said...

MYspace has a ton of crazy stalkers out there.... and some of the layouts have malicious logic that can really mess up your system, so just tread carefully. :)

Good for you on the resolutions. You can do it!

clew said...

Oh I know, Rebecca! As I said, I really only got the account to bug a few friends I'm in a music axchange group with and who aren't with blogger. :)

Lainey said...

Hi Clew.
I have a MySpace profile. That's why you don't hear from me as much. It's just one more thing to keep up with. I have made some nice friends, tho.