Wednesday, March 28, 2007

*dusting off the blog*

Thought you were rid of me, didn’t you?

No such luck – I’m still here.

I’m hoping to post a decent post by next week sometime … Things are settling down and I’ve been thinking about starting things up here again. I've started to miss blogging.

So if you’re still here too, God love ya, pull up a chair and fix yourself a cup of coffee - or a cocktail - whichever you fancy. I shouldn’t be gone so long this time.


River Rat said...

Welcome Back!

Anonymous said...

Welcome Back! I'm still here but I have set up a new place out in the may remember me as Sissy at The Whippoorwill I'm just me...plain and simple ;)....looking forward to hearing more from you again!!

Unknown said...

Hey there sweet cheeks.

Jenne Lou said...


bigwhitehat said...

I've missed you.

Nelly said...

Yay! Welcome back sweetest clewy! Missed ya and checked on you everyday since you left. It'll be good to have you back. LYLAS! ha ha!

Theresa said...

Good to see you again.

Sunny said...

I was so happy to see you came to visit me yesterday and that you are coming back! I've missed you.

Regarding Idol, it has been a weird season. I think that the judges have had too many other projects going on and didn't spend the time and energy on the show this year. The talent pool was/is pretty shallow. I'm sticking up for Sanjaya because he's at least interesting, he's the underdog, and I think he has the most commercial appeal, actually than the others. He needs to come out next week and focus that fight he showed this week with that ponyhawk and belt one out. If you haven't heard Sanjaya's "Sweet Chariot" it's on my blog in one of the posts. He's about 13, 14 or so in the video, and the boy has soul. ;)

chesneygirl said...

Well I'll be jiggered!
It's about damn time! LOL

I'll be sitting right here.
In front of my computer.
For your next post.

A cocktail would be great!...a fish bowl on the rocks please. ;)

Bill said...

I am glad you are back....I have missed you.


Anonymous said...

I'll have some hot chocolate. Thanks. :)