Saturday, July 28, 2007

July 28, 1997

I'm going to be busy these next few days, so I'm posting this a little bit early. Happy weekend, everyone ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

You're my peace of mind
In this crazy world
You're everything

I've tried to find
Your love is a pearl
You're my Mona Lisa
You're my rainbow skies
And my only prayer

Is that you realize
You'll always be beautiful

n my eyes

10 years ago today, this song was playing on a houseboat in a quiet cove. The day before was 105 degrees. This day, it was raining.

Our families weren't there. Only a handful of friends and a local minister. We had a handwritten marriage license from a small nearby town, over which we had to swear we weren't first cousins or closer.

We were barefoot. He wore a red vest, bowtie, and black swim trunks. I had a thin lace dress on over my yellow swimsuit. He hadn't grown the goatee yet that he's now had for many years. I'd quit smoking about 18 months before, and was a little on the chunky side because of it.

We weren't babes in the woods - we'd both been casualties of previous wars of the heart. But we were ready and passionate to try again, together.

The world will turn and the seasons will change
And all the lessons we will learn
will be beautiful and strange
We'll have our fill of tears
Our share of sighs
My only prayer is that you realize
You'll always be beautiful in my eyes

10 years of moments have passed. Some happy, some heartbreaking. And we are still here - The weathering of time and trial polishing and honing us into gems. We're not the same people we were then, but we are under the same union. We grow and change, laugh and cry, process and forgive. For better or for worse.

There are lines upon my face from a lifetime of smiles
And when the time comes to embrace
For one long last while
We can laugh about how time really flies
We won't say goodbye
Because true love never dies
You'll always be beautiful in my eyes

There's a fashionable trend of "renewing" wedding vows on milestone anniversaries. I don't see the point. My vows will never expire.

You will always be beautiful in my eyes
And the passing years will show
That you will always grow
Ever more beautiful in my eyes.

Happy 10th anniversary Hub. I love you.


Martie said...

Happy 10th anniversary to both of you. May the next 50 or so be more of a blessing to you than the first 10!


Cheryl said...

Happy anniversary! I loved reading this.

bigwhitehat said...


Dionne said...

Happy Anniversary Clew!!! What an awesome post, you are such an eloquent writer!

Anonymous said...

i LOVE it!!!

Happy Anniversary ... how wonderful ... how beautiful.

If I ever marry again, I want to be barefoot, too ... very casual ... just a few friends ... at sunrise - the beginning. (and no, i am NOT a morning person ;)

Lori said...

Happy 10th, clew! I love reading your words..

Anonymous said...

Awwww, Happy 10th buddy!!

And I'm glad to see you're still around :)

eph2810 said...

What a beautiful post for your 10th anniversary. Blessings to you and your beloved...I hope you are having a great time celebrating your union.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Amen to this!! I have often thought of renewing our vows but every time I think about comes down to exactly what you said..."My vows will never expire"....but perhaps I would get a new wedding band out of it ;) (since I haven't worn one for twelve years...the birth of a baby messes with not only your head but your fingers...giggle)

Nelly said...

Happy Anniversary dear clew and Mr. Clew! I'm so glad you came into my life and that I was able to meet you!

Hope you celebrated having each other. Sounds like the perfect way to get married! Love and miss you!

BabyGirl said...

ahhhhhh to be loved and love that much. My heart is sighing.

ramblin' girl said...

Happy Anniversary!

chesneygirl said...

Happy Anniverary!!... belated.

Hope you guys were able to do what you said you were going to.

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

This last year was the toughest in my life and I'm glad you were there for me. I'll try to do better this next year.

(WJB)HUBBY Happy 10th.