Monday, December 10, 2007

Moments of Holiday Angst & Pride

I still haven’t put the icicles on the tree and am considering just skipping it altogether. We haven’t put it up for several years now, and while Hub and I both agree it really adds to the tree’s personality, we have been worried that MBDog will snack on it while we’re not watching, which in turn will be a mess as it exits him – IF it exits him.

Speaking of, our gigundous tree all but blocks the front window, but there’s enough room for MBDog to squeeze in between and check out what’s happening in the front yard. Being a sporting breed, he loses his fool mind if he even thinks he might see a deer, rabbit, bird or chipmunk – springboarding off the windowsill with a coronary-inducing BOO ROO ROO, nails clattering on the hardwood and dining room chairs slamming into the table as he tears to other windows.

The other night, some bird had the audacity to sachet through our front yard, and MBDog threw his standard nervous breakdown at the window. This time, however, the tree was there and he’d worked his way underneath and into it in order to assume his patrolling position. His BOO ROO ROO was accompanied by a quick and violent twisting of my tree and a harsh tinkling and crunching of ornaments. I kneejerk-reacted with a yelp at him as I shot off the couch, and he practically took the tree down trying to scoot out of the room.

I examined my poor tree. Many of the ornaments had swung around to lay on top of their respective branches rather than hang down from them, but miraculously nothing seemed broken. Not that I've found yet, anyway. I could have sworn I heard something fragile go "crunch", though.

I did notice, however, that the internal light strand (the one that twinkles) is no longer lit.

After going through 15 light strands to find only 6 that still work, I’m this close to throwing the whole tree right out the front door.

In brighter news (pardon the pun), Incrediboy’s Christmas Concert was Friday evening. His preschool class did a play in which he and his best friend were two of the wise men. They did exceptionally well – I thought for sure some tomfoolery would be going on.

Well, maybe there was a little bit - but not too bad ;).

After their play, his class sat on the stage and prepared to sing a song as a group. "Away in a Manger". As soon as they started, my son - never one to draw attention to himself – grabbed the microphone from the hand of his teacher who sat next to him and belted out a strong rendition without the slightest bit of self-consciousness. He received an enthusiastic round of applause, and he beamed – with that look in his eye. That look that says, “Ahhh, me public!”

He may look a lot like me, but he’s Daddy through and through.


Coffeypot said...

The next American Idol! I'll phone in my vote.

Anonymous said...

Funny. I have to make sure that our front window accommodates the tree and the recliner that our dog uses to peek out the front window :) Woe to us if his chair is moved to accommodate the tree (grin). I confess that at the bottom of the rubbermaid bin that holds the Christmas tree ornaments is a box marked "Marble's First Christmas". It contains the chewed remainders of all the ornaments that were on the bottom branches his first Christmas with us :0 You have actually inspired me to do a post about this. I hope that you are doing well :)
The Bipolar Diaries

chesneygirl said...

At least your tree had an excuse to fall over.
We don't have pets, nobody was amywhere near it... nobody was even MOVING and it just.... fell over.

And we weren't as lucky as you, ornaments were crunched, including chesneybaby's "1st Christmas" ornament. You have no idea of the rage.

No idea.

Spin_Doc1 said...

LOL! My babies are well behaved around the tree, I count myself lucky.

Ame said...


hope you have that on video ;)!

Martie said...

Sorry about the puppy is mad at me for putting the tree in the place she usually sits to keep watch over the neighborhood dogs and squirrels.....oh well, she'll love me like crazy when Christmas is over and that tree comes down!!

Were you able to video Incrediboy singing his almost 'solo'? I hope so, and if you did make sure you bring a copy of it next time you are this way.......I HAVE to see it!

Hugs to all!

bigwhitehat said...

Clew, we go shopping the day after Christmas. We go shopping for next year's decorations. Our tree looks different each year.