Sunday, January 06, 2008

Two Sides of the Stinkbomb Coin

A recent post by the lovely and brilliant Rebecca got me thinking about movies tonight.

I'm almost embarrassed by how many movies I've seen. Despite the fact that there are several quintessential classics that I've somehow never gotten around to seeing (It's a Wonderful Life and Casablanca, for example - I've also never seen Johnny Got His Gun despite it being my absolute favorite book of all time - but anyone who reads a book before going to see the movie will tell you, you'll always be disappointed - the book is way better - but I digress ...) - I've seen a disproportionate amount of movies for a hot, voluptuous socialite fox such as myself. And I know there are SO many other things that would be a better way to spend my time. But I like the escape of a good silver screen story - and even some bad ones. What can I say? I love movies almost as much as I love music.

I used to be able to enjoy most movies even if they weren't good. At the very least I could have fun making fun of them with my husband or friends. But since parenthood was bestowed upon us, and since we are one of those couples NOT blessed with hoardes of friends and relatives fighting amongst themselves over who gets to watch our dear child for free, time on the town is a mere fraction of what it used to be - and going out to see a movie is a rare treat. And if I pay $8 to see a piece of garbage, frankly it really ticks me off now.

Have you ever seen The Truman Show? Everybody thinks this movie is brilliant. I didn't like it. At all. I was practically bored to tears! My husband is under the impression that I hate Jim Carrey because of my distaste for this movie. That's not it - I just hate this movie.

Another movie I hated was Napoleon Dynamite. This overly ripe poopball of a movie was hailed by so many of my peers as the funniest thing since Ridgemont High. Wrong. It was one of the most annoying experiences of my life sitting through that. I hung in there, thinking it would turn around, but I only ended up wishing I could have that two hours of my life back again.

I absolutely despise the Austin Powers movies. So much I'm not even going to bother elaborating. Same goes for the "cult classics" Rocky Horror Picture Show and A Clockwork Orange. UGH! Putrid wastes of celluloid.

On the other hand, there are a few movies that I seem to be the only one who liked them. I actually liked Kevin Costner's The Postman so much I've watched it 3 or 4 times (though I'd rather take a sharp stick in the eye than ever watch Waterworld again). Battlefield Earth was by no means a GOOD movie, but I did rather enjoy it despite myself. Ladykillers, which made IMDb's top 100 Worst Movies of ALL TIME list, really tickled me (though it could have something to do with my favorite actor Tom Hanks' cheeky portrayal of the main character). I was also absolutely, indescribably captured by Apocalypto - which I don't know if anyone else liked or not because I don't know another single soul who saw it besides the Hub (he also loved it - and the fact that either of us liked a subtitled movie is remarkable in itself).

So I was wondering, what movies crowned as masterpieces did you find less than palatable? And what movies branded as bombs did you actually like - even love?

Come on now - we're all friends here. You can tell us!


Cheryl said...

I thought The English Patient was Chinese Water Torture.

On the other hand, a double feature of the The Burbs with Tom Hanks and Carrie Fisher and Tremors with Kevin Bacon and Reba McEntire is my idea of a great time!

Spellcaster said...

I loved Apocalypto. I also loved Ever After with Drew Barrymore, it's one of my FAVORITE movies yet you never really heard much about it! I find that a lot of movies that I HATED when I saw them in the theaters I grew to love once they got to HBO, for instance The Village and Benny & Joone. I know there are more out there but I can't think of any off hand....oh wait once more, I watched House of Wax over and over again, and I HIGHLY dislike Paris Hilton.

BigDadGib said...

Please pray for me.
I am a Mel Brooks movie fan.
I have collected all of them on DVD

Jody said...

Imagine this - sitting on an airplane showing Napoleon Dynamite. Can you feel my pain?

Lori said...

The first time I watched "Napoleon" I wondered, "what the heck?" But watching it with two teenagers who are quirky in themselves put it in a different perspective so I have to admit, I kinda 'got it'!

I also love "Ever After" as well as "Terminal", "Return to Me", "Friendly Persuasions" (an old Gary Cooper movie that is absolutely charming), "Best Friends", "Holiday Inn" and LOVE "GroundHog Day" - to name a few. One movie that comes to mind that I really hated was "Good Will Hunting"..and I really hate all the horror, scary junk. There are enough really crazy people in real we have to make movies and give them any more ideas??!!

chesneygirl said...

I've never seen the "Truman Show" for 2 reasons... the previews made it look like the dumbest movie ever made and I couldn't understand why anyone else would want to see it. #2 I despise Carey.
I've never seen Napolean Dynamite. I think i'm the only one left on the planet that has not seen it. But the previews gave me NO desire to see it. Ever.

Not a fan of Austin Powers.

One of my favs that nobody I know seems to be fond of is "Legends of the Fall". And I am NOT a fan of Brad Pitt. But I just LOOOVE that movie! I really like "Ever After" too!

And then there is "Walk the Line"... a movie I like to watch with my best friend to fall asleep to! ;)


Rebecca said...

Okay, so funny. We're alike on many of those movies. I loved The Truman Show despite my disdain for Jim Carrey; I've never seen Casablanca -- and was very disappointed with "Its a wonderful life" as well as The Shining -- both I never saw until my thirties.

Eye of the Beholder! That was the movie I meant to write...damn it. Not Double Jeopardy. Oopsie. ;)

Love love love Austin Powers. (That's the "guys girl" in me!) Napoleon Dynamite has one or two good scenes but overall bites...

Anonymous said...

I wasn't crazy about The Truman Show either. I expected Knocked Up to be quite a comedy but was disappointed and somewhat appalled by the humor. I love watching Katherine Heigl on Grey's and thought I would equally enjoy her in the movie...not so. I actually found myself feeling irritated and sorry for the character, which got on my nerves. But then again that was at the time my carpet was molding and the mold spores could have been etching at my brain.

I REALLY loved City of Angels and thought it would be a big hit. But it barely got noticed at the box office.

Martie said...

I have no idea about most of the movies you all have mentioned. I haven't been to a movie theater in probably over 18 years..........yes, I know, I'm deprived of many social events. I have no desire to go and watch most movies I see advertised on television and the ones I do want to see I just wait until they come out on DVD and I can rent them without having to drive far and I have the convenience of being able to pause them for a potty break! I'm just old, I guess!


Anonymous said...

We are in the same boat for having babysitters.
I enjoy a chick flicks. I love Monster-In-Law which I don't think did very well. I enjoy it everytime I watch it!
Debbie aka The Real World Martha(S)