Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Top 5 Things Learned at Blogarita 3

Pearls of Wisdom gathered this past weekend ...

5.) There will always be something - a catch phrase, a song, something - that will manifest and become synonymous with any gathering you have with your best friends.

4.) It's a good idea to check the flue BEFORE you light a fire.

3.) There may indeed be more than one petrified forest.

2.) The silence can be as enriching as the gut-busting laughter.

1.) Piercing cartilage hurts. A lot.

I miss you girls!



chesneygirl said...

Oh it so does NOT hurt, you WUSS!!! ;)

Miss you too, sis! :(

Anonymous said...

So do we get to see a pic of the new piercing????????

Michelle said...

5) w....w....we like to party!

4) Woodsy the freakly little owl should have been your first clue!

3) It's prehistoric, goober, not petrified.

2) Not when the silence is broken with a one-cheek-sneak!

1) You're totally a baby. It so did not hurt! (that bad)

Coffeypot said...

On number one, don't you feel like you have a booger in your nose all the time? I mean, now snot has something hang from.

clew said...

EAR cartilage, Coffeypot, not NOSE cartilage! LOL!

(Though ironically, nose piercing WAS mentioned - and subsequently ruled out - )

clew said...

Oh, and Ches & Naive? Tell me that again when the piercing gun malfunctions halfway through YOUR turn. GAH! ;)

Martie said...

Did they talk you into piercing your upper ear? I can't believe you let them sillies influence you..........I thought you had more brains than to listen to them!!! Thanks for the bubble burst, dear Clew! That's the kind of behavior one gets when Mema isn't close by to supervise........that'll teach ya all!!!

Love ya and miss ya! Happy Easter