Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Tuesday Reminiscing

I know, I'm slacking again. Sorry.

I snagged this survey from my bff Chesneygirl, who incidentally I will be par-tay-ing with this weekend along with Nelly and Naive, my other bff's. I know, you're all jealous!

1. Age on January 1st, 1980. – Young - but old enough to remember LOTS of stuff.

2. Favorite song of the 80’s. – How can you pick just one? The 80’s RULED for music!

3. Favorite rock band of the 80’s. – Def Leppard. And KISS of course but since they started in the 70’s I’ll say Def Leppard. I was a total Leppie.

4. Favorite dance/R&B band of the 80’s. – Midnight Star :)

5. Favorite TV show of the 80’s. – I LOVED Cosby – Bill Cosby ALWAYS cracked me up. And later that decade I was a huge fan of Beauty and the Beast. Vincent was SO cool.

6. Favorite male and female TV actors of the 80’s. – Tom Selleck – I Loved Magnum P.I. As for a female … I don’t know. :/

7. Favorite comedy movie of the 80’s. -- Ferris Bueller's Day Off and This is Spinal Tap.

8. Favorite action/drama film of the 80’s. – Raiders of the Lost Ark – definitely!

9. Favorite personal event, social gathering or political event during the 1980’s.—I’m not sure about FAVORITES. But the things I remember most vividly are John Lennon getting shot, the space shuttle’s first mission, and of course the Challenger’s final mission. Getting a booklet and letter from Ronald Reagan when I wrote him a letter. The Berlin Wall coming down. And all the activism in music: Band Aid (Do They Know it’s Christmas), Hands Across America, Hear’n’Aid, Farm Aid, USA for Africa, etc.

Sooo ... what do YOU remember about the 80's?


chesneygirl said...

I used to roller skate to Def Leppard! LOL!

OMG! I totally forgot about the Raiders of the Lost Ark! How could I forget?! I loved that movie too! I canNOT WAIT until the new one comes out this May!

But I still think ET was my favorite... Chesneyhusband bought me the 20th Anniversary DVD a few years back! :) I can't wait until Chesneybaby is old enough to watch it with me!

Anonymous said...

Prince - Purple Rain. :)

Nelly said...

Rock on boobiefloppie! LMFAO!

Nelly said...

I'll be seein' your ass in 3 days!

Nelly said...

Get your drink on!

Nelly said...

No snoring allowed! Or in your case, no farting allowed!

Nelly said...

Shartonnay baby!

Nelly said...

Ok, I'm done! tee hee

Martie said...

Not much besides running kids around to sporting events, helping with homework, and telling them "because I said so, and I'm the MOM".

It's sad when you get old and can't remember anything more than that, eh?

Hugs..........and I won't be seeing any of you. You all decided to go a different route this time and deprive me of a visit. Shitheads!!!!

;) Hugs and love ya anyway!

Nelly said...

LOL Martie! "Shitheads!" Ha ha ha ha!

Anonymous said...

I loved the 80's!! I am an 80's child for sure! I loved the music. My hubby and I, just the other night, pulled up 80's music video's on youtube. Memory lane for sure. I can remember just how impressed I was with Thriller when it came out.
Debbie aka The Real World Martha(S)

Lori said...

I'm more of a 70's girl. What I remember the most about the 80's was the big hair and shoulder pads...oh, and heavy make-up. What fashion faux paus!

Hope all is well in your world..

bigwhitehat said...

This hits home. My 20 reunion is in a few months. We are all reminiscing.