Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Curse the Universe!

April Fool’s came early at my house this year.

Last night I had a splitting headache. I was about to go to bed early when the Hub came out from the bedroom and said, “The waterbed’s got a hole in it.”

The contents of my ribcage dropped into my legs.

I followed him into the bedroom and sure enough, the sides of our Cali-King waterbed were full of water, and you could hear an audible patter of water droplets hitting the burber carpet at the upper left corner of the bed, where apparently the liner fell a little bit short.


We removed the covers and toweled the top of the mattress off. We could see no leak on the top anywhere. We checked the sides as best as we could and still found nothing obvious. Despite the lack of an apparent exit wound, we knew we needed to drain before things got out of hand.

In came the garden hose, and down to the sump pump it went. Out came the air mattress, followed by the skull-shattering air compressor since the little travel air pump had died somewhere along the way.

MBDog was freaking out from all the commotion, and naturally Incrediboy was NOT going to sleep with all the activity in the house. Ugh.

Three hours later the waterbed mattress is for all intents and purposes drained, except for the several gallons trapped in the baffling. We still have not found where the leak is. WTF! We pulled it out and placed the air mattress in the bed frame, securing it with cushions from the couch on one side.

The air mattress is comfortable, but we’re not used to it. I slept deeply when I did sleep, but woke frequently. And I never did get rid of my headache – if you can imagine that! Needless to say, we’re all a bit grumpy today. If anyone tries to get cute with any further pranks today, he may pay with his life.

And please, don’t tell me, “See, this is why I’d never have a waterbed”. This too will get you killed.


Anonymous said...

Sorry. It's pretty much like when we were out in the Gulf of Mexico fishing...the sun started to set....boats were heading in....my husband starts the motor...and I hear...."Oh Sh*t"....not fun while there, but looking back it certainly was a 'funny video' moment. Luckily a 'bigger' boat finally saw our waving white fish towel and towed us in. Hope you get your bed fixed soon. ;)

Coffeypot said...

Waterbed leaks are hard to find sometimes. I had a W/B and it had a leak that I couldn't find. I drained it, took it outside and blew it up with the vacuum cleaner (it had a reverse attachment that would blow air) and then pored water over it until I saw bubbles. Or buy a new mattress.

Curly-Que said...

Guess who?

Martie said...

Man that sucks! That happened to us once too...........it's the worst. Especially when you're tired already and don't feel well. Good luck with finding the leak. Hugs

David LaFerney said...

What a drag. It seems that if something is going to spring a leak it always does so at bedtime or on Thanksgiving morning.

If you decide that you like it better you can get parts to convert your waterbed into an airbed. Although sooner or later that will probably leak too. At least it wouldn't get the carpet wet.