Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Rush

Yup, I'm still alive. Barely!

I've been trying to get a jump on Christmas shopping this year. I've been poring over flyers and looking around online for not only great deals but ideas in general. Everything is SO expensive! Stupid economy.

I was at Target last night looking around, with full intent of picking some toys up for Incrediboy. I became so overwhelmed by the smash of people and the racket and the sheer overload of everything in the toy aisle that I left without buying anything at all! And it's not even Thanksgiving yet! I'm beginning to think I might just buy everything from Amazon. Then it can be delivered right to my door and I won't have to go traipsing around, possibly getting into a fistfight with some supermom over the last Megarig Shuttle on the shelf.

I hate Christmas shopping.


chesneygirl said...


What's a Megarig Shuttle???

Coffeypot said...

Don't ya just feel the love in the air? No! Wait! Sorry, it's only smog! I hate shopping and will usually go around two or three in the morning. Less people that way.

Lori said...

Hey stranger!

That's why I like to Christmas shop right as they're getting things out in October. I love perusing the aisles that are completely vacant while everyone is looking at costumes and candy.

We're keeping things simple this year. Online shopping and home made gifts.

Jody said...

Amazon has easier packaging this year on many of the toys they sell. So it's a stress-free present for yourself when you won't have to get the chainsaw out to get a toy out of the frickin box!

Anonymous said...

I prefer Amazon. When I see something I want, I usually check the price at Amazon too because they are sometimes more affordable. I like to read product reviews that people give on Amazon as well.

I feel for the people who get up early on Black Friday.

They say this year is the year to buy a flat screen TV. Give me a break...I'm worried about staying employed. This is the year to worry. LOL

Happy Thanksgiving!