Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Challenge of Sports

So we've been looking to get Incrediboy into some youth sports to see which he develops a liking toward. I'm a firm believer that getting your kids involved in positive activities - like sports, music, church groups, scouting, etc. - will help keep them out of trouble with negative activities both now and later. And the way the athletic community is today, you can't wait to choose a sport until you're in high school or even junior high - because everyone else has already been playing since they were 5 and will blow you out of any sort of competitive chance.

There are two main problems in this quest. Number one is we live in the middle of what is affectionately known as BF Egypt. The Big City has lots of alternatives, but it's a really big haul to do several times a week, running back and forth from work to home, home to practice or games, and back home again in a constant rush, not having time to eat or anything. I don't think that's a good atmosphere for any of us. Too much stress!

This leads me into the second main problem. The Little City, which would be WAY easier for us to run to, has all kinds of cool things offered through their parks and recreation department - including summer survey camps where kids are introduced to several sports and can get a little taste of each one. That is PERFECT!

Except that it's only offered 9am - noon during the week.

Apparently if you need to work for a living, you have no interest in developing your kid's involvement in organized sports. I ran into the same problem when trying to find a Mommy & Me class when he was a toddler. It's infuriating.

Incrediboy is in constant motion - knowing how he is, we are confident that he wouldn't take to baseball/softball/teeball, considering all the waiting/standing around/downtime there is between individual action. I recently signed him up for flag football, which starts in a few weeks ... he's excited, but we want to expose him to more sports than just that. He's also expressed an interest in soccer, but naturally the convenient spring league for us has their game schedule at the EXACT same time as flag football. What do you know. I've signed up for updates on the fall league, but I was pretty disappointed.

Karate/Tae Kwon Do are a possibility ... I remember when I was growing up, the kids who took karate were kind of made fun of ... but maybe it's not like that anymore.

The most recent brilliant idea we came up with is wrestling. From the time Incrediboy could crawl, he's enjoyed rigorous wrestling matches with Daddy and me in the intimidating ring of our living room area rug. He's actually developed some great balance and strength skills, and getting into a youth wrestling group would be a place where we feel he'd really blossom. Unfortunately, the only thing I've found thus far lists mainly clinics in the northern section of the state, and through one of the catholic schools in the Big City - both way too far for us to be practical.

So I'm trying to be proactive. While searching anything I can think of on line, I am contacting the webmasters and coaches for guidance and suggestions - I'm joining mailing lists and am keeping an eye on community papers. Still, I feel like I'm groping in the dark.

Sadly, I don't have many local friends with kids Incrediboy's age, so I don't really have any personal resources from which to glean advice. If y'all have any ideas or suggestions, please share.


Coffeypot said...

Since everyone is working and there isn't much time available for team sports, I suggest something that can not only make use of his running abilities, and maybe some wrestling skills plus provide the family with extra income. Purse snatching comes to mind. Maybe running numbers for ‘No Neck‘ Guiedo. Make him a productive arm of the family.

chesneygirl said...

Now why couldn't *I* think of an idea like Mr. Coffeypot? LOL!

I can't believe your parks & rec offers programs from 9-12 during the week!! I've never heard of such a thing. Idiots.

I guess we're lucky, although we live in "Podunk" town in the Boondocks, we still have lots of options available. We have a YMCA right here in town, our city also offers all types of programs as well as the Family Rec Center we belong to. We signed Chesneybaby up for swimming classes that start in 2 weeks. He also took a liking to soccer so we'll be registering him for that again thru the YMCA.

It's funny you mentioned, wrestling. I was talking with some girlfriends at scrapbooking just yesterday that THAT is one sport I pray to GOD chesneybaby does NOT take in interest in.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm getting down with O.P.P. right now. I'm doing the neck thing like my bird used to. Okay, this is why I like my city because it is not too big or small. I know this doesn't help but I wanted you to know that I'm hanging with ya. You know...Peace- take care

Anonymous said...

I can't believe your parks & rec offers programs from 9-12 during the week!! I've never heard of such a thing.


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