Monday, October 12, 2009


9 days after application, my tattoo is looking exceptionally crusty. I don't recall my previous tattoos taking so long to heal, nor getting so icky looking in the process - but I've also never had such an elaborate one done. (Not to mention I was much younger when receiving the others - perhaps I can't heal as quickly as I used to). I've taken extremely good care of it per my tattoo artist's instructions, so I'm trying not to panic. But the linework is really scabby and while some areas are now peeling and fresh new skin is revealed, it appears that a lot of the color is gone.

I combed some internet information last night and read a few sites addressing tattoo healing. It seems that temporary loss of color is common until the skin fully heals and the ink pigment once again emerges. I sincerely hope that's the case. I see what I consider to be a lot of pink fleshtoned area amongst the blues and greens, and I don't want to have to get touchup work and subsequently go through the healing process again. Not only in the interest of avoiding pain, but it's already getting too cold for capri pants.

Wish me luck.

Among other events of late, I've returned from the semi-annual BFF gathering in the state up north. It was a lower-key weekend than others have been, but wonderful all the same. I love those girls.

I'm still trying to get back to more creative (or at the least, more interesting) posts. So ... see you soon.


Coffeypot said...

How long does it take to heal and what do you do to help the healing? I suggest calling Ernest Angley's ministry and send him a few thousand dollars for a healing prayer and a prayer cloth that he actually prayed over. Is there a Saint for tattoos?

Anonymous said...

Relax, Clew, and just keep taking care of it the way they told you to. About a week after I got mine with the 17 colors in it, it started to peel. And I mean PEEL! It scared the crap out of me and I ran down to the shop to have them check it out. They assured me that it was normal because of trauma to the skin. Yes, a lot of color does seem to peel off, but I came out on the other side (mine peeled for about 3 weeks!)just fine. No, it isn't as bright as the day it was done, but it's still pretty good....especially since I was expecting it to be gone by the time the peeling finished. By the way, I put lotion on mine at least 10 times a day.