Wednesday, January 06, 2010

I'm so Pi$$ed Off Right Now.

I so enjoy having an aneyurism first thing in the morning.

I'm listening to the news on the way in today. Mistake number one. And our local news guy is talking with some reporter from the BBC. The BBC cat is chattering on and on about how many of the Gitmo detainees that have been freed have already rejoined Al Quaida.

Well there's a shock, huh?

Though my Mom taught me at an early age to never underestimate the stupidity of the common man, I continue to be shocked and amazed at humankind's blindness. These turds are not like us. They will never be like us. They have been programmed from birth to hate us, and that they will be rewarded for anything they can do to decay our way of life. And that's not prejudice. That's FACT. Do people honestly think that a stint in an American run prison, which is probably like a stay at the Four Seasons for these jackasses thanks to liberal crybabies, is really going to make them rethink their ways and carry a daisy in their hand from now on? Are you SERIOUS?

The reporter goes on to rhetorically ponder the problem of what to do with the remaining detainees - where to place them after Gitmo is closed.

Here's an idea. How 'bout HELL? Straight to Hell. Problem solved.

Why is this so difficult to understand?


Stacy said...

Unfortunately, I think that is EXACTLY what they think. It's all so stupid. You can't brainwash someone from childhood on up and expect showing them leniency to change who they are. It most likely just convinces them we're more stupid than they already think we are.

Coffeypot said...

Thank ObamaLama and his stupidity. Take the dude who tried to blow up the plane last week. Liberals are worried about torture. Let me see, his has come from a training camp for terrorist. There are others, whom he knows, that are planning on doing the same thing. They saw his mistake and are rethinking their process so THEY won’t get caught. And he knows who they are. Would I torture him to get the infor? Bet your ass I would. I would only need one tool. A pair of pliers‘. I would start by asking a question. No answer? Pull out a fingernail. Next question? Same thing. If he goes through all 10 nails, start breaking each finger at each joint. Then start on the teeth. If he had to suffer in order to save American lives, so be it. I’ll volunteer to do the questioning, too.

Obama has his head up his ass and has no idea what he is dealing with.