Tuesday, February 02, 2010

It's my birthday, dammit!

And I'm really enjoying myself thanks to my new take-no-crap attitude in life. I think ** (actual age omitted to protect the innocent) will be my best year yet.

I'm thinking about commemorating the new birth year by ripping a few people's a$$es who are either on my nerves or have hurt me and I've just been letting it go for a while. But why should I do that? Nobody does me any favors in this area. Besides, now that I'm old, it's not healthy for me to keep that kind of stuff all bottled up inside.

Still planning to get back to some creative writing. One of these days I'll really do it.

Be back soon.


Stacy said...

Speaking your mind, consequences be damned! One of the perks of getting old.

Anonymous said...

giggles at this post. I hear you, haha. Happy Birthday!! Hope it's your best year ever. hugs~