Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Audacity of "Hope"

So I guess I was a little fired up, not to mention disgusted with how narrowly many are blinded, with my last post (which I have now tucked away in my "drafts" in favor of posting this one, because I have always said I don't want this to be too much of a political blog and one at a time is enough). I just get aggravated at how quickly and voluntarily people will give their freedoms away for so little in return. How easily many will go along with a giant snarl of infringements when only a few points are outlined. What about the fine print? What about the divine liberties that our forefathers gave their blood and their lives to provide us, that are discreetly reversed within those thousands of pages no one bothers to read and are wiped away with the stroke of a presidential pen? What about the crushing financial and civil weight it will bring to us and our kids in the years to come?

Being against the government having complete control over and access to EVERYTHING in our lives does not mean I am heartless and cold towards those who need help. What people won't understand is there is not just one big huge matzoh-ball answer or nothing. It doesn't matter at this point that whoever woula-coulda-shoulda didn't when they "had the chance". There's plenty of blame to go around for that. What matters is here and now, and what matters even more is the ramifications in the future. I will NOT allow my son's life to be ruined by this asphyxiating package if I can help it.

This health care issue WILL make our entire country collapse on every level. We think it's bad now? Pssh.

America has hit hard times before. But the difference is that capitalism provided the foundation for rebuilding and fiscal rebirth. There was always that fire we could reach toward again. The poison buried within this healthcare package will obliterate that flame - and when those promises are gone, there is no hope to recover the way of life we've taken for granted. NO hope.

I can't believe so many don't give a shit about that.


Coffeypot said...

Great post, Miss Clew. I can feel your anger and frustration. I just hope that every Dem who voted for the bill looses his/her seat in November and we can get this abomination reversed. Next will be the job to get rid of Barry the Muslim from office.

Stacy said...

Working on my own personal experiences, those who are all for it tend to be more than a little uninformed (not to say every supporter is). They are idealistic and feel desperate in their situations and have grabbed on to Obama's promise of change....assuming that change will make it better. Unfortunately, change can be bad, too. The sad thing is, one day they are going to learn the hard way what it means to this country and there isn't even going to be any satisfaction in saying "I told you so" because we're all going to be in the same sinking boat.

stacief said...

Hub says (and I agree) of the biggest aggravations is how damn smug our "esteemed" president is throughout this all.