Thursday, April 08, 2010

Somebody Please Tell the Media that these 15 Minutes are Up.

You know what? I'm so tired of Tiger Woods.

Now people can say or believe whatever they want about the why's and how's of that situation. Whatever, the guy's a creep. So he cheated on his wife, a bazillion times with a bazillion different women. Bad enough on its own that he pretty much made a total a$$ of himself. But then to "confess", with pseudo-shame in his eyes, that he has a sex addiction? How freaking lame. What a ridiculously LAME, made-up condition.

But that's not why I'm tired of him, because he's BRAVE enough to admit he has this "problem" and is getting the "therapy" he needs to treat it. (Which, by the way, is probably not giving him the same satisfaction as the "therapy" he was getting to treat this "condition" BEFORE he got caught - am I right?). What I'm really sick of is how the media is ALL OVER HIM through this whole thing. Oh see here everybody, poor Tiger is a victim of stress. Oh, look everybody, Tiger is seeking help. Oh, listen up everybody, Tiger is going to make an announcement, but don't you dare ask any questions. Oh everybody stop what you are doing, TIGER is going to talk about his return to golf!

Who the eff cares. Seriously?!

This stupid crap has been going on for months now, too. How long are we going to ride that? I'd really enjoy seeing something that MATTERS covered in the mainstream media.


Attila the Mom said...

Fantastic to see you!

I soooo agree with the Tiger Wood's thing. The thing that irked me most? Newsies asking, "will the public forgive him?"

Who the hell cares? The only person who needs to forgive him is his wife. If I were him, I'd tell everybody else to FRO. LOL

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I agree with you. His apology didn't mean a thing to me. He didn't do me any harm. I think he's a heel and I kind of wonder how it would feel walking around when everybody knows you are a heel.
But I'm tired of him. It's obvious his handlers are trying to rehabilitate his image so that he can rake in endorsements again.

Also - thanks for stopping by Yogi's Den.

Stacy said...

But I REALLY want to know......exactly what does therapy for a sex addiction entail???

Other than that, I agree. So he's a total s***. A lot of people are. It's not news.

Julie D said...

A-frickin-men. I'm so sick of hearing about that cheating bastard I could scream.

And don't get me started on Sandra Bullock's husband.

I couldn't tolerate men who cheat before I divorced one, let alone now!

Coffeypot said...

With all that is going on in the world the media focuses on someone getting laid. And what is even sadder is that there are people out there who read this stuff are so offended. The guy cheeted and got caught. So did several million other men who provide more for the public - doctors, lawyers, firemen, cops, etc. But maybe he and Jessie James can get into the same therapy group.

Anonymous said...

He's lame. I would personally want the MSM to address the job loss and how we can have a job recover in this country. See, I bet Tiger can pay his mortgage. And I bet he isn't too worried about his next paycheck either. I wouldn't spend a dime on anything he endorses. No more Nike products for me.

Ann said...

the mainstream media covering something that matters? that would be life-changing.

he's a creep and not worth my time.

Anonymous said...

He's just a Golfer anyway. He's not a Rock Star. Why do people give him that Status? Fail!!