Friday, May 07, 2010

Look! An Award!

Awww, my sweet blogfriend Nicole over at Laugh Outloud gave me the Attitude & Gratitude Sisterhood Award! Isn't that great? I feel so honored! And a little surprised, since all my complaining lately doesn't exactly display gratitude. Hm, I must have won based on the attitude part. ...

So anyway, I'm taking a break from Friday Fragments in lieu of sharing and celebrating this exciting turn of events. I mean honestly, isn't this enough? :) Thanks so much, Nicole - you're the best! xoxox

Now it is my distinct honor to pass the gauntlet to ten other deserving blog sisters (in no particular order). Be sure to check them out because I think they're the cat's butt.

  • Paint Splotches (Ace) - This lady is sassy and funny and I just love her. We're pretty sure we were separated at birth.

  • Blending Ame (Ame) - One of my personal heroes - strong, humble, and wise. I am so blessed to also call her my friend.

  • Not a Wonk (Patti) - one of my newest blog haunts - she's smart, sharp witted and loves to talk hot topics with no holds barred.

  • Cooking Up Trouble Texas Style (StacieF) - We met on the grounds of a shared love of music, and a lifelong sisterhood germinated & thrived. One of my favorite people ever.

  • In the Middle - Mad Hatter (Martie) - My BFF's mom, who has become my second mom, as well as a dear wonderful friend.

  • Simply 55 (Danielle) - A candid writer and a beautiful soul, and a friend who has taught me a lot about myself, too.

  • Saurly Yours (Saurkraut) - This beautiful lady has the 3 "i"s going for her - Intelligent, Insightful and Interesting. One of the first members of my blogroll and still a favorite.

  • Thoughts of Laurel (Lori) - another of my longstanding blogbuddies - a true friend with an eye for the quiet beauty of the world. Visiting her blog is always a salve.

  • It's A Pug's Life (Marni) - I'm just getting to know this girl, and it's great fun because we are a LOT alike! Don't you love it when that happens?

  • Coffeypot - Okay, technically, he's a mister, not a sister. But he's too great to leave out. Full of piss and vinegar, this one! All kinds of fun on his blog.

Visit my peeps and enjoy the cornucopia of delights they bring to the blogworld!

Now, recipients: with great power comes great responsibility. It's now your turn to pass on the award as you see fit.
  1. Proudly display the award on your post and/or blog template.

  2. Nominate 10 blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude!

  3. Be sure to link your nominees within your post, so others can find them.

  4. Let them know of their nomination by commenting on their blog.

  5. Share the love and link back to me too :)

Sorry to give you homework over the weekend, but at least it's lovey dovey. Have a great day, friends!


Ann said...

woo hoo!!! i'm the cat's butt!!! i've finally arrived!!! hehehehehe


seriously ... love you girl ... and am humbled. "hero" ... very powerful ... must hand that one back to God.

you're awesome ... love being your friend ... and really and truly hope to meet in person someday :)

Marni said...

Awwww... thanks! I guess I need to get around to posting some more...

Coffeypot said...

I'm a Lesbian! Does that count? I’ll jump on it when I get back home. Thank you, Miss Clew.

stacief said...

I love you...really. It's hard to imagine my life before Clew!!

Rick said...

Believe it or not, a fellow lady blogger sent me this award one time. I appreciated the sentiment, but suddenly I felt my male identity threatened. Congratulations to the sisterhood.

Martie said...

Wow, thanks Clewy! Had no idea you thought so much of me to give me an're one of my heroes.........and I love you more than you know!!!!

Saur♥Kraut said...

Thank you so much, honey! I have been mulling it over and may return to blogging sooner than I expected. I can't be my opinionated self in my real life persona. Well, I CAN, but I really don't want war declared on me by a third world nation! Staying anonymous is probably healthier. ;o)