Friday, March 18, 2011

Finding My Way Back

When you respond to the call of creativity, you will find peace from the purge. If you do not heed, the calls of sirens become the shrieks of banshees and given enough time unrequited will drive you mad. I need to learn not only to listen, but respond. It is my condition, it is in the fiber of my being. ~ Clew, August 28, 2005

I wrote these words almost six years ago. It didn't take me long to stray from my creative soul's steps to salvation, though.

I've really been farting around with this blog for a while. Going months without posts and then wasting everyone's time (most significatly, my own) with jabber containing little to no creativity. I've missed writing. Not just blogging, but writing, as a practice. I've allowed myself to become too preoccupied with other things, and my creativity has gone into a coma.

The shock of newness will often shake you awake. Some life-altering events have happened in and around me and my family recently - and in courses I won't try to explain, my longing to create ... I don't know, something ... has returned. And I had a revelation the other day. When I was at the height of my creative production on this blog, I was most rewarded with serenity in my heart and mind. I received more satisfaction from writing a good blog post than from drawing and painting - what I have always considered my prominent creative outlets. Am I missing my calling?

So, long story short (too late), I'm going to return to creative writing pursuits here at Clew's Blues. It may suck sometimes. I feel rusty. But rustiness doesn't come from lack of capability as much as it comes from lack of practice. I'm going to devote more time (more consistently, also) to creativity here. Directly my dear readers, who are still hanging in there with me despite my lame attendance record, will see that I'm going to experiment with some prompts and challenges from some writing groups I've found. Behind the scenes, I am looking into eventually submitting some pieces for publication. Will I get rich? Doubtful. Will I even be selected? Probably not, not right away anyway. But ... who knows?

Why not me?


Coffeypot said...

Why not you, indeed. Write away, Clew. I'm excited about reading your shit... uh... stuff... uh... creations... uh... ah hell, just wright already.

juanitagf said...

Still here and looking forward to all your writing whether you feel it is creative or not. It is all part of the catharsis called writing!

Danielle said...

Oh we are such kindred spirits!!!! Which is why I changed the name of my blog to The Writing Life ;)......I highly recommend the book The Right to Write (I found it for fifty-cents at a thrift store) and wow!!! it has really lit the spark....I actually do more longhand writing these days...with plans to transfer it to my blog....I cannot wait to see what you have to write!!!!! I am so flying with you as you stretch your creative wings again!!!! Many hugs.

poet said...

Welcome back Clew. I am one of those faithful readers from way back. and I'll keep on following :) make today GREAT~ poet

Stacy said...

Your quote at the top....It's the best description of what it feels like in my head. You captured what drives creative people better than anything else I've read or heard.

Trying to shake off the dust, rust, and years of neglect myself.

Glad you are back and I'm going to get the chance to read your stuff. I missed the "old days" but always enjoyed it when you posted a re-run.

Attila the Mom said...

It's like riding a bike, you'll pick it back up in no time!