Friday, September 15, 2006

Music Music Music ...

I've been meaning to get back here and chat with you all about the myriad of scintillating thoughts in my head, but it's been a busy week. So in the meanwhile I snagged this music meme from Rebecca. Enjoy, and snag it for yourself if you want!

1) A favorite political track.
Have You Forgotten – Darryl Worley

2) One of those tracks that make you dance on the dance floor no matter what.
Atomic Dog – George Clinton

3) The song you’d use to tell someone you love them.
Beautiful in my Eyes – Joshua Kadisson

4) A song that has made you sit down and analyze it’s lyrics.
Dust in the Wind - Kansas

5) A song that you like, that a two year old would like as well.
Beyond the Sea – Bobby Darin (well, my 2 year old likes it anyway!)

6) A song that gives you an energy boost.
New York Groove – Ace Frehley Solo Album

7) A song that you and your grandparents (would probably) like.
My Gramps’s favorite song was Amazing Grace. It always chokes me up whenever I hear it because of that.

8) A song that you really liked when you were 14-16, and still really like now.
Photograph – Def Leppard

9) Two sad songs that would be in the soundtrack of the movie about your life.
I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues – Elton John
Troy – Sinead O’Connor

10) A peppy song that would start the opening credits of the movie about your life.
Imperfection – Saving Jane

11) A good song from a genre of music that no one would guess that you liked.
Let Me Touch You for a While – Alison Krauss and Union Station
I love bluegrass! Who’da believed it?

12) A song that you think should have been playing when you were born.
Hmm … Something Everly Brothers. My Mom likes them :)

13) A favorite artist duo collaboration.
Heaven Tonight – Joe Lynn Turner and Yngwie Malmsteen

14) A favorite song that you completely disagree with (politically, morally, commonsenically, religiously etc.)
Dontcha – Pussycat Dolls

15) The song that you like despite the fact your IQ level drops several points every time you listen to it.
We’re Not Gonna Take It – Twisted Sister

16) Your smooth song, for relaxing.
Why Georgia – John Mayer

17) A song you would send to someone you hate or are mad at.
I don’t know who sang it … that bar song that goes “were you born an a$$hole, or did you work at it your whole life?”

18) A favorite track from an outfit considered a “super-group.”
End of the Line – Traveling Willburys

19) A song that makes you reminsce about good times with a family member.
Dead Man’s Party – Oingo Boingo. It’s on the Back to School soundtrack. I saw that movie with my Dad and we laughed our heads off.

20) Your favorite song at this moment in time.
Ghost of a Rose – Blackmore’s Night


Itchy said...

Beautiful in my Eyes was sung at my wedding.

What was weird is that when I heard it I'd think of my hubby. When he heard it he'd think of me. But we didn't really listen to that type of music and we didn't discuss it. Then when it was time to get married and we were talking about what songs to play we both blurted that one out. It was awesome.

Martie said...

Hey, the Pussycat Dolls song "Dontcha"...are the next words "wish your girfriend was hot like me"? If that's the one, Amber sings it a LOT!!! and drives me crazy with it!

chesneygirl said...

I don't even know some of these. Never even heard of some the artists even.

I like Dontcha too!!

Twisted Sister was a good one for #15.

Nelly said...

I'm with Chesney...never heard a lot of these. Love the Twisted Sister one and John Mayer (of course). Martie, yes, you have the next line right! ha ha! I think it's funny you know that! My mom doesn't even know the next line to that one! Love your list "Clewy." :) (still geeked AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!)

clew said...

Itchy, that was our wedding song too! :D

Martie - That's the one! Good or bad, it's catchy, isn't it? My hubby sings it with the word "boyfriend" instead - it's too funny :)

Ches & Nel - really? Maybe I should change some of my answers! The last band is obscure (only heard them myself this week) I didn't mean to be all obscure with a bunch! :/

Rebecca said...

Great list there sistah... ;)

I thought about it after the fact, and sort of wish I had put down "Cant nobody love you like I do" by Wynonna.

Ghost of a Rose by Blackmore Night? Never heard of it...I'm off to Google it and find out more! :)

Anonymous said...

Each time I hear, Dontcha – Pussycat Dolls, I remember seeing the 8 month preganat woman at work singing it and shaking her body.

I LOVE Photograph – Def Leppard!

Cheryl said...

#15 totally cracked me up, both the category and the answer. Love this meme! I might do it, except I dont' know if I want to think that hard.

Lisa M. said...

I love this meme too.

Thanks for the smile.

Sam said...

So eclectic! Maybe I'm getting old, but I know about 4 of those groups/singers lol.

Michelle said...

I can't believe there was nothing Johnny Cash on this list!!! I know, I know, you're probably saying, "I didn't even think of him".

That's why I don't do lists like this. They are beyond impossible for me!

Saur♥Kraut said...

Amazing Grace is a beautiful hymn. Did you ever see the movie Silkwood? There's a beautiful rendition of that song at the end of the movie. It will bring tears to your eyes.

bigwhitehat said...

The writer's block is hurting me. I may have to resort to meme material too. No!!!!!!!!