Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Reality Rants

I missed the big fight on The Contender last night. The finale. After investing every Tuesday night in these kids all season long, getting to know them and love them, I missed the championship event.

I could kill myself.

Okay, not really. But I’m pretty spittin’ mad about it. The thing is, I didn’t forget The Contender was on. I just thought it was another episode. I was really tired so I let myself fall asleep and didn’t even tape it. I didn’t realize it was the championship night. I knew championship night was the 26th, and I knew yesterday was the 26th, but somehow my exhausted little pea brain didn’t put those two facts together.

Even though I hear my favorite, Berto Bravo, didn't win, I still need to kick my own butt for that one.

While we’re on the subject of reality TV … Look, I’m sorry. I know lots of you don’t care and are even sick of reality TV. But bear with me. Why is the race thing such a big deal on Survivor? I mean really. It’s no big secret that there are different races. And it’s no big secret that often races will draw to one another by nature. It’s not prejudice, it’s just a natural reaction of being drawn to people you have something in common with. I’ve seen that happen on Survivor even when the tribes are multicultural. So why is anyone raising an eyebrow over this? To me, it’s just another angle. I see nothing to get offended about.

You know what I’d like to see? Someone like Charlize Theron ending up on the African American tribe. She is from South Africa, you know, which last time I checked is part of Africa. To me, if you have roots in Africa, that qualifies you as African-American.

Now THAT would get some panties in a bunch I bet. ;)

Last but not least, I wonder when the AI tour will be over. I'm ready for Taylor Hick's new CD in a really big way. I know there's a November release date slated, but it'll be ready when it's ready - and the sooner he gets in the studio the better. I'm ready for some new SOUL!


Mindless Dribbler said...

This whole post and I all read was something about Charlize Theron and her panties?

I like her, a lot.

I didn't even know they had races on Survivor. Never watched the show.

Nelly said...

Never watched the contender, but I would be pissed too if I missed the final episode after watching all season. I can't believe you did that!!

You know how I said I wasn't really into Survivor this year, well I HAD to watch it last Thursday and plan on watching it again this week. I can't help myself!

bigwhitehat said...

Do you ever stop and consider if these television shows are really worth your time? I don't watch stuff that offends my sensibilities anymore. I figure it is beneath me.

Take Letterman for example. I used to love watching his show. Now I think he is a stupid man who aint worth my attention. I have tried to watch a couple of times to give him a chance. I didn't make it through the monologue.

I don’t know if it is TV that changed or if it is me. Either way, we have irreconcilable differences.

bigwhitehat said...

That is me and TV that have irreconcilable differences. Not, me and you.

clew said...

I have considered that, my friend. I don't watch most of them for that reason. But I still enjoy the strategy involved in Survivor, and I am a boxing fan, so I love The Contender.

I've only watched the last season and 1/2 of AI. The first few years seemed cheesy to me - and yes it still is :) - but some interesting talent has come out of it lately. I can't help it, I love music.

BTW, no offense assumed, I followed the differences comment. :D

Rebecca said...

That's funny - Bravo was my favorite too! He lost last week. :(

I'm not reading the comments here incase someone gives it away - but I DVR'd the Contender finale last night.... if you want me to give you the lowdown - let me know! :)

chesneygirl said...

I don't watch Survivor anymore but I heard about all the outrage over the race issue...and I couldn't figure out what the big deal was either. I thought it was a good idea, personally.

Btw, I think Charlize is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood....what I wouldn't do for her legs. Uh!

Joy said...

"get some panties in a bunch..."
Now that is CLASSIC!!! LOL! :D

Martie said...

I hardly watch any television......I'm afraid if I watched more of it I'ld get hooked on it! Most of my viewing consists of kid shows that are on when the grandkids are here!

Dionne said...

I'm a fellow Survivor fan and I totally agree with you. I soooo don't get what the big deal was. Except neither of us is worried about being politically correct so its not surprise :-).