Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Spin and Swing

Most of you know I avoid political gab on Clew’s Blues because I’ve already been there done that as a blog format, and I may very well delete this entry later. But for now it’s all I have on my mind.

Yesterday was rough. And today is the dawn of a new government. The Democratic party has gained power in all directions pretty much by exploitative default, with no solutions even offered. Conservatives lost due to the Republican party too often letting its supporters down.

Please understand, it’s not my intention to spark any fights or peeing matches with this post. I chose my wording carefully and deliberately in my above statement, because I don’t think all Democrats are bad, and I don’t think all Republicans are wonderful. No MAN, let alone PARTY, is infallible. And a pendulum will counter-swing as far as it will swing – it’s the nature of a democracy – a system in which we are ALL BLESSED to live. But I do hold conservative values, and I see our country’s compass shifting more and more as time goes by. And many forget that once certain policies are in place, others will be gone forever.

I recently heard someone say that this election season wasn’t about left and right, but about right and wrong. I’ll concede that party lines were indeed blurred this election … to everyone but the politicians.

America hangs in a precarious place. I pray that we are led forward with wisdom and not malice, and we will all keep our eyes wide open to every move. May God continue to bless America!

Props to Little Miss Chatterbox's post today, BTW. My old blog wished it was like hers.


Bougie Black Boy said...

Seems to be the latest thing--we're all writing politically right now... Me though, I'm totally politically incorrect.

Rebecca said...

Great post Clew....

Moderation is the key to life....and that includes in politics. Too far to either left or right isn't going to do anyone any good. Conservative Democrats or Moderate/Liberal Republicans almost see close to the same thing. If we could just find a candidate that fit that bill, I think we'd be in a good place.

But great point. To be led with wisdom and not malice still remains to be seen. I think alot of the voting was done with malice. Let's hope the leaders don't feel the same way.

Anonymous said...

Good post, Clew.

Though personally disappointed in the election, God is in control. Sometimes He allows the will of the people (e.g.- King Saul).

That being said, it does remind me I need to be on my knees more often for our country and leaders. Maybe more now than ever.

God bless.

Tim (formerly Cowboy Sunsets)

Dionne said...

Well said and thanks for the link ;-)!!

Ame said...

America hangs in a precarious place. I pray that we are led forward with wisdom and not malice, and we will all keep our eyes wide open to every move. May God continue to bless America!

Yes, Lord.

Anonymous said...

I say an Amen to what Ame says.. I usually do ;)..I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for visiting me on The Hill...I had the great company of a feisty maple leaf while I was down the drain these past few weeks...but as one of your commenters said...we may be blown off course...toward different adventures, some good, some not so good, but we will always return to that place where God can use us through what we have experienced while floating through the sewer drainpipes. Hope to see another post here soon!!! Stay well.

Anonymous said...

I am just so glad it's over. Sick of hearing all the bashing on the tv ads day after day.

Anonymous said...

I know the Rebuplicans have there issues, but I really enjoyed the Tax cuts. The cuts saved my Wife and I around 5 grand a year and we are no where near rich. We just barely make it and we have a little one. Every raise we have been given for the last 5 years will be gone when the Taxes get reinstated. I can't believe that our country is down to what we are.

We have an economy thats kicking ass, the jobless rate is the lowest its ever been, the Stock market is the highest its ever been yet we chose to change our government totally. Go figure.

The Democrats of my grandfathers are mostly gone. They are now the party of the far leftest to include all the Gays, Hollywood, and Unions All the media except Fox news. Its estimated that only 30 percent of the real Dems are in the party. They don't have the power to control the far left anymore.

We need a new party thats somewhere in the middle I guess. Oh wait we have it, but no one votes for them.

Well enjoy your new Taxes all you dumb asses who think the Dems are only going to increase taxes on those making over 700,000 a year. After tax on gas and cell phones and phones and cable and taxes on income and property taxes that keep increasing until retired folks must sell and move out, when will you learn. We do not have problems becuase we don't pay enough in taxes, we have problems becuase they mismanage the money we give them......If you kept 10 percent and gave them the rest they would still F*&K it up. No I'm not bitter

Anonymous said...

I straddle the fence usually....all I know is that it was time for something to change.

Saur♥Kraut said...

I agree with you, but will talk more about it in my post on Tuesday. I think the pundits are mistaken as to why the country's turned. It's not that we're more liberal. It's that the neo-cons weren't conservative enough, so there wasn't much of a difference... and America's dissatisfied with Bush and the way the war is going, so they decided to send a message. Truthfully, this may be a great boon to the Republican party because it's happened two years before our major elections.