Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Creating Christmas Magic

I finished up my shopping for what I anticipate to be the best Christmas morning ever – and now in my typical, second-thought style, and in the spirit of “your kids will have more fun playing with the empty box”, I’m wondering if I should have saved what could have otherwise been a new HDTV, for example.

Incrediboy’s preschool class has a variety of toys available for the kids to enjoy during free time. Incrediboy has become particularly enamored with a tow truck that is amongst the toys. It’s blue, about a foot long, with a working hook. It’s made by Matchbox and is probably 8 or 10 years old by the looks of it.

I’ve been trying to find him one of his own since he adores it so much, but I haven’t been able to locate one anywhere. I looked in all kinds of stores, on Amazon, even on eBay. Nothing. I can only assume they don’t make them anymore.

The class talked about their wish list to Santa the other day and Miss S, their teacher, helped them write it on a list and hang up on the classroom door. Most lists had 7 or 8 items of typical fare … Spiderman stuff, Transformers, Hannah Montana, Barbie, a football, a new bike, etc. Every other page is full, though.

What was Incrediboy’s list, of only two items?

Number two item: A new box of crayons. (Easy enough)
Number one item: A tow truck just like the one in Miss S’s classroom.

Miss S informed me that she asked Incrediboy, “That’s all you want?”, to which he replied, “Yep. If I get a tow truck like that I’ll be the happiest boy in the whole world!”


I repeat, I can’t find that truck anywhere. And while I always swore I’d never fall into this kind of game, it really upsets me that I can’t get him the one thing he really wants. We’ve gotten him a lot of nice things, and I know he’ll be thrilled with life on Christmas morning. But oh how I wish I could indulge my little boy’s belief and faith in Santa Claus by giving him the one thing he wants most!

Miss S is aware of my difficulties in finding said tow truck. And God love her, she spoke to Miss M, the preschool director about it. They decided, without me even asking, that if I wanted to bring in a replacement truck - not even a fancy one! – that we could have the old tow truck for Incrediboy.


So here’s what I was thinking. I won’t wrap it, as it’s not new. But I’ll leave it by the empty cookie plate, with a note to this effect:

Dear Incrediboy,

I saw your Christmas list you wrote at school. I do not make this same tow truck in my toy shop anymore, but I talked to Miss S and we agreed that I would leave another truck for your classroom so that you can have this one for your own. Merry Christmas!

Love, Santa

I can’t wait to see his face.

I’d have loved to get him a new one. But the simple fact is, I know he won’t care. He loves that tow truck. I just hope he’ll be interested in some tiny way, in his other sparkly new Christmas gifts. :)


Martie said...


He will be so happy. Be sure to have your camera ready to capture the look on his face when he sees it and e-mail me the photo as soon as you get a chance! This will go down as his best Christmas ever as he looks back on his childhood!

Hugs and much love!

Nelly said...

Damn you biotch! I'm cryin! Thanks a lot!!! :*) Happy tears...he'll be so touched and will remember for a long time!

Coffeypot said...

Or… you could say, "Remember that time you didn't brush your teeth after you ate? It cost you a new truck because Santa was watching you and thought you need to be punished." I bet he won't forget to brush his teeth ever again. You could also hold off on the crayons, too, and tell him it's because he didn’t' floss. Bah, Humbug!

Anonymous said...

What a great Christmas story! You are quite blessed to have your son in a preschool where the teachers care so deeply.

The Bipolar Diaries

Real World Martha said...

How sweet. That will be a great story to tell over the years. My in-laws have trucks like this (a bit older) and the kids just have to wait for us to travel there to play with the, (which is fine). I know some antique dealers carry these even if they are not that old.
Debbie aka The Real World Martha(S)

Spin_Doc1 said...

That is the sweetest thing I heard this season maybe the sweetest thing ever.

Lori said...

You know...chance are if you had found a new truck just like this, he wouldn't have loved it nearly as much. There's just something about a toy that has been played with and loved for years that gives it its uniqueness. He will love it forever!

P.S. You're awesome ;-)