Thursday, December 06, 2007

"I've got the wholllle bed - to myself..."

I’ve been indulging myself the past few evenings. The hub is out of town on a guys’ trip, which leaves me alone with the children (human and canine) in our big ole house. Upon putting Incrediboy to bed and wrapping up my evening activities around the abode, Most Beautiful Dog and I turn in for the night.

Now while we have a strict rule that Incrediboy sleeps in his OWN room, not ours – MBDog has always shared our bed. It was much more convenient and manageable when he weighed 7 pounds rather than his current 70, but the benefits outweigh the hassles. He’s a sweet, affectionate boy that is the perfect shape to spoon yourself around when he’s curled up in a ball next to you. Now if he decides to stretch out, and make room for himself by forcefully pushing on you with his giant paws, that’s another story … But usually it’s all good.

We watch a little TV together before dozing off … I have FULL control of the remote, and MBDog doesn’t complain about what I stop on. LOL. The best part though, is that I get to sleep sideways in the bed.

I have no idea why, but I love to sleep sideways in our bed. I just LOVE it. We have a California King, so there’s plenty of room in all directions. There’s really no reason why I would even need to do such a thing. But anytime Hub’s gone overnight somewhere, I bask in the frivolity of sleeping east to west rather than north to south. So I guess I just do it because I can.

It’s awesome.

Don’t get me wrong, I love having Hub there and I miss him when he’s gone. But I just LOVE sleeping this way. It’s kind of like the time on Seinfeld, when Kramer painted out the middle line on the highway, and Elaine was gushing about how wonderful the extra-wide lane was. It’s not necessary, but it sure feels luxurious!

The bad part is getting up the next day, though. Particularly on a morning like today - where snow blankets the countryside and the temperature is in the teens – where I and my dog have achieved a perfectly comfortable snugglepile and I can feel the convection-oven-like warmth circulating under the blankets – the kind where you let your alarm clock ring way longer than you normally would because you hate to let the warm coziness escape by pulling the covers back because it’s so perfect. I’d have given just about anything to stay in bed today. All day.


Hub will be back tomorrow, and I’m looking forward to it. I miss him! But for tonight, I look forward to one last luxurious sideways snooze in a huge nest of blankets all to myself – just me and my Most Beautiful Dog.

I can’t wait.


Martie said...

Sounds heavenly...enjoy!!!


Anonymous said...

lol...must be your rebellious side!

Coffeypot said...

Does MBD wake you up growling and pumping his back leg like he is chasing somehting in his dreams? Mine dosen't neither!:-)

Spin_Doc1 said...

I used to sleep sideways under my pillows, sometimes I want to go it again.

Real World Martha said...

My hubby use to work nights and I said if I was sleeping alone I wanted a dog or at least let the cat sleep with me for protection..hahaha. Something about having another "thing" there I guess. I could never sleep in the same bed with my dog (maybe as I ahve a queen size bed and he's huge) but he snores more than my husband. He will have to make a video of him. It's funny but loud!
Debbie aka The Real World Martha(S)

chesneygirl said...

Well since we only have a queen size bed I guess I sleep more in a diagnal than a sideways... with my head on his side and my feet on my side, northeast to southwest, if you will! LOL

But STILL! It's pretty much the same thing. :)

Nelly said...

ur weird (you and ches that is) hee hee!

Lori said...

Isn't it funny those quirky things we love to do? I'm just the opposite on the bed thing; when my hub is gone I stay in one little spot all night, barely having to make the bed in the morning. There's just something about doing things 'our way' that feels cozy...even though we wouldn't want to all the time.