Wednesday, March 26, 2008

School Fund Raisers Suck.

I hate the way that schools put kids into indentured service with these daggone fund raisers.

I can remember doing this when I was a kid. Bugging all my neighbors and relatives to buy calendars, candy bars, wrapping paper, crocks of cheese, cookbooks, all kinds of stuff. Nowadays, kids are still selling the same things, and more - flower flats, magazines, candles, even pizzas and subs!

I guess it's a good thing. I mean, it earns the school programs some money for new computers or sports equipment or band uniforms or whatever, and it teaches the kids something about hard work and responsibility (assuming their parents don't do all the work for them). But it's a little over the top. It seems like every month there's something else the kids from some school or another have to peddle.

I had to work extra hard at my sales when I was a kid. While my friends' moms and dads took their order forms into the office or the bowling alley and sold 250 units of crap FOR them, I had to collect my own sales. My parents told me they didn't want to bug their coworkers with what was my job to begin with. It was discouraging, especially when the prizes were handed out to the kids who didn't have to do a thing to gather all those sales. But it taught me a lot about working hard and following through.

Now that I'm a parent, I really don't ask my coworkers to buy anything from my son's fundraisers. I'll admit I do bring the order forms in and mention there's a thing going on (we all do) - but just one time, and I don't even announce when the sale is ending because I feel like I'm pushing people to buy the junk. I figure if they want to buy something, they will. I'm not going to bug them about it.

Even so, it's like you the parent need to buy stuff regardless. This latest catalog at least has a nice variety of things. Strawberry garden starter kits, windchimes, a barbecue set, dog treats. I really don't need any of it. But if I don't buy something I feel like a chump.

And I'm not even including the little booth they set up by the front door every so often, selling books and puzzles and things like that. I don't mean to be cheap, but I almost feel like I'm being extorted.

The most irriatating thing about these catalogs and forms with blatantly generous ordering line space is, Incrediboy is a preschooler. COME ON. Isn't this a little much?


Coffeypot said...

It is too much, Clew. However, my grandkids are selling chances to by a chance for ONLY a dollar. Hurry up and send me your dollars by paypal and you will be in the drawing to win a chance to win a chance.

chesneygirl said...

YES! It is.
As you know, this is chesneybaby's first year in preschool and the very FIRST WEEK they sent home a pizza fundraiser! I couldn't belive it!

We didn't hit up too many people. Mostly just family.
And when I emailed my brother to ask if he'd like to order to help out his FAVORITE nephew, ;) he gladly did, but his immediate response was...
"Wow, they start 'em out early nowadays, eh?!"

Anonymous said...

Just one more reason why I am glad that I recently have chosen to home school ;)

Lori said...

It's a lot too much.

I was never big on fund raisers. From the time the kids had to do it I did take them around (they were too little to go alone) and had them ask because I felt it wasn't teaching them anything for me to do it for them. But I didn't push it and if they just sold to Nan & Pop and aunts and uncles, then so be it.
And it just gets worse. As the kids get older, not only do they have to do more and more fund raisers, but the parents are practically told that they have to cook for this and this dinner, make pies and cakes, donate a certain amount of money, etc. It's a real sore spot for me. And to start the madness in preschool? Completely ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Amen sistah! Usually the first week of each school year, sometimes the first freakin day, here comes a fundraiser! I did all of them when he was in kindergarten, and some in 1st grade, but I vowed I wouldn't do any in 2nd grade and I haven't! I HATE THEM!~Nelly

Martie said...

Pre-school is different than it used to be........when my grandkids were in pre-school, they never had to participate in fund raisers. What is the deal with recruiting these little kids who can't even read and write to peddle wares? Disgusting!!!!

Hugs to you!

Anonymous said...

I would rather pay more taxes!! It's stuff not too many people want or need. And have fun when you have two kids at two different schools plus acitvities. It's one big fund raiser all the time. People will run away from you.