Friday, June 27, 2008

A Big Ball of Nothing

So I've gotten complaints on and off record about my last post being disturbing and I need to post something else to push it down. I have nothing bubbling in the brainpot, though - so you'll have to do with some aimless chatter. Aren't you excited?

So my vacation started today as of quitting time. We're not really doing anything, just hopefully enjoying some downtime. The bad news is I started getting a sore throat yesterday and it's no better today. Not debilitating, but annoying at best, and very scratchy no matter what I drink or take. *Sigh*. Isn't that the way?

I've spent the last week or so rearranging my scrapbooking paper, hoping to be struck with some sort of inspiration (yes, I have that much paper that I can sort it for a week and then some. It's an addiction.). I have tons to catch up on - probably way more than I'll ever get done if I live to be 150 - which may be why I don't know where to start. I read somewhere recently that joining a scrapping challenge group can give your creative juices a kick in the pants. My dear friend Jody participates in a stamper's challenge frequently and seems to really enjoy and benefit from it - so I hunted around on line a little tonight and found one for scrapbooking that looks interesting. Like I have time for this, but I figure it'll be there when I can get to it. Meanwhile, I can check in, look, and think about it. :)

Bellydancing class is going GREAT, thanks for asking. I love it so much.

I was watching Ghost Hunters this week - which if you aren't familiar is a sort of documentary where a team of paranormal investigators visit various sites and try to figure out what's going on with the reported strange paranormal activity. This week they visited an old governor's mansion in Rhode Island or somewhere, which is now an historical site. In this mansion, among other things, was a room full of old dolls. Creepy, scary dolls. All of them. One was a marionette, which have their own special brand of horror to them. One of them had no head - WTF! Well, one of the investigators was in this room trying to establish some kind of contact with any sort of presence that might be there ("If anyone is here, can you make a noise or touch my arm to let me know you're here?") - and swears that he felt something brush against his leg.

Let me tell you. I love this kind of stuff, and paranormal investigator is on my list of dream jobs. But if I were trapped in a room with those dolls at ALL, let alone felt something brush against my leg in there? I would bust out of there so fast there'd be smoke coming off my shoes.

GAWD I hate old creepy dolls.

There I go again. Talking about scary dolls.

Don't look down.


Martie said...

I have no creative juices left either.........working too many hours since the other job share gal quit without any notice. I'm so far behind on everything......including housework, laundry, spending time with my grand kids, the loves of my life, and too much more to list here. Seems when I write it is nothing more than a recap of what I did that day................boring!

I love ya and miss ya, though! Hugs

BDG-admin said...

Speakin' of creepy... lol

When I was little, we left the big circus tent and out behind the tent was a clown, with his shirt off, smokin' a cigar and tippin' the biggest bottle of wine I ever saw. Then he bent over and tossed his cookies right there on the ground.

I've hated clowns ever

great post Clew

BDG-admin said...

BTW... you have an award...

See my blog for details

Nerdy said...

Of course I had to look and damblamit ... I regret it.

Coffeypot said...

Dolls make good kindling in fireplaces.

Curly-Que said...

ur such a whore! ha ha ha ha!