Wednesday, July 02, 2008

This Vacation Stinks.

So remember the sore throat I came down with the end of last week? Well, long story short I've been sick for the majority of my vacation. NICE. The sore throat was actually gone by Sunday evening, so I was jazzed about that, thinking it was all over. I actually went to work on Monday though, because the weather was crappy - and I coughed all day there, feeling myself going downhill. By evening my nose was running like a faucet and I was coughing my head off. By Yesterday morning I was coughing so deep into my chest it was scary. I sounded like an old man with advanced emphysema. I spent the day lying around, coughing and moaning and hugging MBDog. Today is better, but you ought to see the gross stuff I'm bringing up out of my lungs. Ugh. At least my cough is productive today though.

Hub just went to work, seeing as we can't really do anything. I probably could have too, but screw it, I don't feel like it. I want to convalesce and feel sorry for myself.

I'll probably go back to work tomorrow. Maybe we can take a few days off next month.

This vacation stinks.


Curly-Que said...


Coffeypot said...

You feeling better? Hope so!

bigwhitehat said...

Get better.

Martie said...

Since it's now the 9th of July, I'm thinking you must be feeling least I hope so! Sorry your vacation was so crappy.

I think working is crappy and I have a new admiration for you and all the other working moms out there. I don't know how you guys do it!! You ROCK!!!

Hugs and miss ya!

Coffeypot said...

Its July 29th and you are not here.
I keep coming by each day.
I keep a-waitin'.
I wonder - you still alive?
If so, get back to posting. If not, disregard this comment.