Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Countdown: Ornament #5 & #6

The Fifth Ornament of Christmas:
The Holly Bell

When the Hub and I made it through that first hard year, I decided that I wanted to collect bells for my tree. I was able to find quite a few really pretty bells through the years before they seemingly fell out of style, because I rarely if ever see bells anymore (jingle bells are all over the place, but not these types).
This is my favorite bell. It's gold with filigree holly and ribbons on it. The holly and ribbons are painted with colorful enamel as well as the inside of the bell, and it has the loveliest tone when you ring it.

The Sixth Ornament of Christmas:
The Snow Bell

I got this Snow Bell at the same place as the Holly Bell, as you could probably tell. It too is decorated with enamel-filled filigree and has a beautiful blue enameled inner side. Its tone is slightly lower than the Holly Bell but is of the same charming quality.

I love these bells. I have many others, including several Santas (with clapper feet), angels, and various other colors and styles, but these two are my special ones.


Anonymous said...

Very pretty. I have one that someone gave me a long time ago that hangs in the bottom of the tree....too heavy to put on upper branches. It's hidden there even on my beach/tropical tree just in case an angel gets it's wings.

chesneygirl said...

The both are very pretty!!

I don't think I have any bells on my tree now that I think about it....