Friday, February 13, 2009

Urban Dictionary

A friend sent me a link for the Urban Dictionary, which has been loads of fun. I entered Clew in there and learned it's a slang term for dog - an acronym for the following:

Canine Lipstick Engine Weasel!

For some reason, that's amused me all day.

Go have fun with the link and tell me what you learn. Meanwhile, happy Valentine's Day! I prefer soft center chocolates. ;)


Martie said...

Or perhaps you would enjoy a visit from a dear friend more?

I knew before you, Clew!!! LOL

Lori said...

I like coconut myself!

Happy Valentine's Day, Clew! <3

Lori said...

oops....I was trying to make a little heart with the <3 Maybe that only works on Facebook! haha

Anonymous said...

Well, I missed the whole Valentine thing, but hope you had a happy one.

As for Stacy....A woman who dresses in lumberjack apparel and shouts out orders in ebonics to the people who work for her. Ex:
I tells everyone hows they supposed to be busy when theys dont have no rag in they hands clean them hidden cameras cuz I feels like being a Stacy today...