Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Pox on Zhu Zhus!

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past 6 months, you know that this endearing little critter is a Zhu Zhu Pet. Unarguably the hottest toy of the 2009 Christmas season. They come in several colors (so you can collect them all). They chirp, squeak, purr, and run around little mazes (sold separately) or just on the floor. They are hamsters without the mess. People were losing their minds trying to score one of these things, and opportunists were hawking them online for $80, $90 or more.

Incrediboy had seen the commercials and knew what they were, but had not especially asked for one. I considered myself fortunate.

I had to work a few hours on Christmas Eve, and while I was in the office my boss called me, telling me the store in which she was had announced they had a limited supply of Zhu Zhus available in the automotive department (of all places) and did I want her to pick one up for Incrediboy. I told her "Sure" - I mean, after all - if you CAN get one, why NOT get one? She brought back the little darling for me, and at the actual suggested retail price, God love her.

Pipsqueak (this particular Zhu Zhu) was waiting for Incrediboy with his stocking on Christmas morning. He was indeed happy to get one, despite his not requesting one. We took it out of the box for our first round of Zhu Zhu fun.

The damn thing doesn't work.

It chortles and coos and makes all the cute noises. But it doesn't move. It doesn't even make an attempt to move.

The piece of crap.

Now Incrediboy is sad and perplexed that Santa would give him a broken toy. When had I not fallen for the hype he would have been perfectly happy without a Zhu Zhu at all.

I'll never fall for marketing pressure again.


Coffeypot said...

Now my granddaughter wanted one, and all the stores were out. I found out that Toys R (how do you make the R backwards) Us got their shipments in on Sunday night and they would be on display Monday morning.

I was there at 7:00 a.m. because I hate crowds and figured I could walk in behind the crowd. No one was there and the store opened at 9:00. So I went to the local WH and had 300 cups of coffee and 20 minutes of peeing. Then went back and still no one was there. I walked in and ask for the Zhu Zhu display. She handed me one from the cart she had behind the shelf. She said I could only have one per day. I’m glad I don’t have 12 kids (well for more reasons than an Zhu Zhu). So Bug got one.

J-Man wants one. Judy went on line at Toys Backward R Us and ordered one that will be delivered Thursday - for $9.99 plus tax. So if there are people paying $80 plus dollars for one on the net, God bless their hears because I won’t. Idiots! There are quiet a few of the little shits laying around waiting for a forever home.

That was nice of your boss, though.

Stacy said...

I am sooooo glad my kids are past this stage. Meg's never particularly gotten onto any trend, but with Matt it was Power Rangers (and Turtles and Ghostbusters). Good lord, the lines and fighting that year.....it was every bit as bad as that Arnold Schwarzeneger movie! If Sora ever wants something like that her parents can stand in the line.

Julie D said...

Just stopping by to say Happy New Year!!!!