Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mom Would Be So Proud.

I can't tell you how many times I've been called a geek, nerd, dork, brainiac, or poindexter in my life. Especially in middle school. But I know it's only because people are jealous. *indignant sniff*

I mention this because I took this Geek Test on line - which in and of itself speaks volumes, I am well aware - just to see how geeky I really am. There were a lot of computer questions and comic book questions and online role playing game questions, all of which I am fairly inept. But I was also delighted to see there were lots of questions to which I could definitely relate. Questions about learning stuff just for fun, voluntarily going to any kind of museum, knowing 5 or more names of Star Trek and/or Star Wars characters (from each series), whether I'd ever been in a fan club, whether I had ever operated a ham radio, and whether I knew the difference between fission and fusion.

i am a total geek I am proud to say I scored dead center between Total Geek and Major Geek. They even gave me this neat and very hi-tech looking HTML code to show off this fact on my blog. So it seems I am geeky enough to be annoying and secretly admired (I know it's true), but not so geeky that I am socially inept and am faced with a lifetime of virginity. That there is what they call perfect balance.

I really think there should have been some questions about Greek and Roman mythology, though. They ostracised a whole genre of geekiness by not representin'.


Coffeypot said...

I got a rip roaring 18%. Do they have a dumb ass test?

Stacy said...

I love mythology! I will have to take this in a couple of days when I have more time. Considering your score, I'm afraid...though I am woefully lacking in Star Trek smarts.

Stacy said...

I finally took the test. It says I'm only 18.45018% geek. I don't really think it's fair since so much of it is based on computer and Star Trek knowledge. There are so many ways to be geeky that they ignored.

Jennifer Campesi said...

I always enjoy reading anything you have to say!!! Love you!!!

Jennifer Campesi said...

By the have done Mr. Bevilaqua proud!!!!