Saturday, March 19, 2011

Becoming Beautiful (100 Words)

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This is my first contribution to Velvet Verbosity's 100 Words Project - a fun little exercise I've decided to invite myself to join. Each week a word or phrase is presened to participants, to build from however we are inspired - in exactly 100 words.

This week's inspiration is SLEEK.

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On any ordinary day, she sees herself as a lumpy, mousy, fairly unremarkable girl. But during these devoted hours, the constraints on her meager self confidence fall away. She allows the music to soak into her , dissolving her insecurities. New world, middle eastern, modern rock, it doesn't matter. They all seduce her instincts. Sensuality billows within her. Working boneless arms, fluid spine and sleek swiveling hips glinting with coin scarves, she transforms. Still the same body, but not the same girl. She is a goddess. Day by day, more of the goddess remains afterwards. She's becoming beautiful to herself - finally.


juanitagf said...

Wow! 100 words is not many to draw a picture, but you did it beautifully!

barbara said...

first - welcome to 100 words

second - Wowzers! I've always loved those who could dance like this one does. Well caught emotions and senses.

Tara R. said...

Wonderful 100 words. I can see her dancing and feel the music.

Welcome to the Challenge.

Lance said...

Inspiring...the kind of thing I hope my wife and daughters read and or write someday. Good job.

Teresa Kander said...

Wonderful! I'm still working on becoming that girl myself!

Stacy said...

Nice! It doesn't surprise me that you wrote about music and dance transforming. When I read what the word prompt was and was thinking what could I write if I jumped in I thought along the same lines. No belly dancing, though, that's your territory sleek lady. :)

S said...

this is lovely. so evocative.

Allison said...

I want to also welcome you on your first foray into 100 Words. It's fun AND addicting (as I find all of writing to me ;-) ). What a wonderful image---as someone else said, I'm working on becoming that girl too---in a way, that's part of what writing is for me, reminding myself what a wonderful, capable woman I am.

But, I have often dreamed of getting into belly dancing too, another way to really get in touch with the woman I am :-)