Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Soul Mates - Part Two

Branching off of this idea though, we began to discuss it outside the pop culture box. What if the existence of the soul mate wasn’t limited to romantic connections as is typically assumed when using the term, but that was merely one of many avenues down which a soul mate could turn? What if a soul mate is merely a shard from a like greater body, greater family, from whence you came, and on some deeper level you recognize each other?

Now this makes much more sense. I bet if you talked to a thousand random people, nearly every one of them would tell you that at some point they’d met another person who felt like an old friend only hours, even moments, after they first encountered them. It’s as if you remember each other from another place or level or consciousness … or … something. Something unidentifiable but undeniable. Almost supernatural.

Is this a mere figment, invented by our brains? Simply a condition of social creatures displaying the innate need to form a pack with others? Or is it deeper than that? I’ve brushed on this before in other posts, but what if we were all “grouped” in some way, before we were born? That as our souls awaited assignment of our respective mortal bodies, that we congregated and became friends with others there, wherever it was that we were before here? As we are scattered like splinters across the face of this plane, are we drawn back to one another with an intention and magnetism that we don’t even notice? Are these the people we deem “soul mates” when we run across them here – and something deeper within us, less outward in appearance, recognizes them - and begins to pick up where it left off?

More thoughts on the existence of souls above and beyond our current perception are beginning to do the Riverdance in my head, but again – these are posts for another time.

In any case, by the end of our conversation I’d retracted my initial response. Sort of. I do indeed believe in soul mates. Just not the way pop culture or romance authors or palm reading charlatans have resculpted the term into being.

But when it comes down to brass tacks, it’s a simple conclusion. And that is I believe because I have them.

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Emit-Flesti said...

"(...) and something deeper within us, less outward in appearance, recognizes them - and begins to pick up where it left off? (...)
You know my wife told me exactly the same thing when we first began to talk about this issues.
It couldn't be a coincidence, don't you think?