Monday, October 03, 2005


Back in my early twenties I worked at this really cool store. They used to call them head shops. It smelled like leather and incense and wax, and sold stuff like windchimes, weird looking candles, bootchains, t-shirts, black light posters, and tobacco pipes. I had a couple buddies there, they were brothers. We worked together all the time and hung out together when we weren't working. We shared a lot of laughs and I have carried many fond memories of them throughout my life.

We have some neighbors down the road with an unusual last name - the same name as the brothers. We got to chatting with them when we first met than and it turns out they are their parents. Such a small world!

Long story short, she invited me to a Southern Living party this weekend. She is a quintessential Southern Living decorator woman, and though I am not, I thought it would be fun to go and meet some new people. The younger brother's girlfriend also attended, and he came to pick her up after the party. He'd aged, of course, and his hair was much, much shorter - but certainly I'd have remembered who he was. I struck up a conversation with him.

He didn't remember me. "At all", as he put it.

The hub later suggested that maybe he was only saying that so his girlfriend wouldn't get jealous or something. But I sure felt like a fool. Nothing boosts your mood like being completely forgotten by someone.


Martie said...

Been there're right, it really sucks!

Twisted Cinderella said...

I hate it when that happens. Suddenly I feel like I am back in school trying to talk to the "cool" kids and getting shot down.

Bougie Black Boy said...

i was tagged once. but i'm not much about doing "assignments"... hope you had a great weekend! I think I may repost an old blog. or something who knows.

a spoon said...

thanks for the tag :) all done now!

Cheryl said...

Got the tag--Probably will do tomorrow.

I had a guy I THOUGHT was a REALLY good friend do that to me at a wedding. We had grown up together, and spent an awful lot of time hanging out both alone and with our families. And he acted like he didn't remember me 5 years later at a wedding. Ouch. That was years ago, and it still hurts.

Lori said...

So hard to imagine that he would truly forget you. I'm with the "hub".

I have a bit of the reverse problem. I'll see someone I know from a distance and would like to say something but am afraid that they won't remember me so oftentimes, stay silent. I'm pretty good about I'm not sure why I don't give others the same credit.

Hamartia MacGuffin said...


I'm. not. it. .....again. :(

Rebecca said...

That is so funny.... I never forget a face, and so I'm always remembering people who don't remember me. It CAN be awkward. Although, I have to say, after hearing your story - I bet your husband is right and that he said that to prevent animosity with his girlfriend. I recently attended a wedding where I ran into a good friend's ex-boyfriend (follow that?). He was with his current girlfriend, whom I know of - and she's exceptionally jealous. I was saying hello to him, and she came screaming over to see who I was. First, he tried to pretend he didn't know me (weird!!!) and so I took the heat off of him, by telling her that he's trying to cover for me - I'd known him since we were kids, and my husband is very jealous and so I was just trying to say hello discreetly. Some people just have weird dynamics in their relationships!