Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Writer's Block

Lately I’ve been feeling remarkably unremarkable.

As far as my writing goes, anyway. I’ve gotten off-track from what I really wanted to do with it – though I don’t know if that’s even an accurate statement, being that I simply wanted to write about whatever was inside at the moment. Which I do. It just seems to be a little “scraping the barrel” when I review what I’ve posted lately.

In late August, I wrote about what I’ve dubbed Lord Byron Syndrome. When you respond to the call of creativity (in this case, writing), you will find peace from the purge. If you do not heed, the calls of sirens become the shrieks of banshees and given enough time unrequited will drive you mad. I observed that I needed to learn how to not only listen, but to respond. To channel. Something that in the busy-ness of being an adult I’d let atrophy and had forgotten how to do. In writing regularly in my blog, and making the wonderful blog friends I’ve made and continue to make, I’ve found happiness and contentment in this little world of words. It’s something I like to visit, as well as add to, every day.

The thing is, I think I’ve started to run into writer’s block. While not long ago, topics and words flowed out of me so quickly I often posted twice a day, I am now sometimes struggling for a good idea. While previously I indulged myself in painting with words, I feel I now only offer silly anecdotes and shallow observances. Nothing wrong with that, I suppose. It’s just not what I like the meat of my blog to be, as it has been of late.

I wonder if I’m making too big of a deal about it, as this is merely my hobby – this writing thing. But it doesn’t negate the fact that I recently seem to be forcing it. Once in a while I forget that inspiration can play flirty games of tag with you. Sometimes the more you chase after it, the more it considers itself engaged in a serious round of hide and seek. An accomplished hider it can be, too.

At the same time, inspiration is a jealous lover. If I give my attention to other matters, in time it realizes I’m no longer looking and takes it upon itself to find me. And like a spoiled brat, will start raising cain if I don’t turn my thoughts and energies back to it a bit. It has always been this way, yet I seem to forget that continually.

So, I’m going to experiment a little for a while. I may post a little less frequently (though not TOO infrequently!) in attempt to lure the muse out of hiding. I may post some totally off the wall stuff, just to try something different. I don't really know. But I’m onto this game. For now, anyway. Sometimes, like a fine batch of chili (smile), brewing is the key ~ and there’s no subsitute for time.

Maybe this is my cue to haul out the scrapping digs. Let’s see what happens.


Bougie Black Boy said...

don't worry! I'm here with you! In the same boat. Thank god for the paintings I can sporadically post here and there, or an old poem. But, I want to write more things of... of. . . substance. . . how are you? miss talking with you

Martie said...

Funny you should mention scrapping, Clew. That's why I was sorting pictures for the better part of yesterday....anticipating the need to branch out and maybe the words would leaf out again! However, I enjoy reading what ever you makes me feel closer to you somehow. I don't know, maybe just more a part of your daily life :}

Rebecca said...

Clew - absolutely not. Honestly, when I visit your site, Cheryl's, Lori's and Stephen's - I feel so inadequate. You all have such a tremendous style to your writing, and you all have something to say. And even if it's not to the depth in which you intended - or maybe it's deeper - either way, it comes across as SOMETHING and not just fluff. Don't be so hard on yourself. Your site is beautiful, your writings are amazing - and if you change it, then it won't be as true as it is now, you know what I mean? Don't be so critical! :)

Cheryl said...

Sometimes I learn the most about the people when they feel they have writer's block. Perhaps that's when we write plainly about just whatever is happening in life at the moment. I like walking into homes when they're a little messy, dinner is cooking on the stove and scenting up the whole house, and the kids are making too much noise. It's comfortable and real. Sometimes "uninspired" writing is like that. Maybe not for the writer, but for the reader.

Have you ever used "Writing Down the Bones" by Natalie Goldberg? Great for prodding that muse.

Harry Yak said...

sometimes if not all the time (i guess i don't know whi your critics are) we are our own worse critics. ultimately though we must be happy with what we are doing or stop doing it. unless its our jobs, can't stop that or i wouldn't be able to afford pumpkin pie and new socks. ahhh socks, i love my socks.

for what it's worth i love your blog, i love your writting style (it makes me feel a little inadequate in my own writting (i'm more a visual artist) but then i think about the giant package god blessed me with and all is good in my little yak world)

Lori said...

Gosh...I haven't got that sense AT ALL about your writing. Everything that you write is wonderful and a window into who you are. Even the comments you leave are eloquent!

I think we all go through those times when we wonder if what we're saying makes any sense at all...and when we're frustrated with how things are coming out. But rest have a gift and it's a pleasure to be a part of it.

Hamartia MacGuffin said...

"Time is Nature's way of keeping everything from happening at all at once."

Experimentation helps one to become the kind writer they were meant to be. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

clew said...

YOU GUYYYYYS! <:) Thank you a million times over for the lovely comments left here. I just wanted to say that I'm not going to stop blogging, or change formats (as they say in radioland) or anything like that. Just that if I don't feel the juices, I'm not going to go hunting. Being that I never shut up I'm sure it won't change too much around here (LOL) ... I am always myself here and will continue to be.

Again, I appreciate the words. I wasn't trying to fish, I was just blabbing along. ;) Thanks for listening and caring!


Anonymous said...

Relax! and avoid blogging until you get inspired. It happens to me all the time and just when I have given up something bizzare or really funny happens and I'll have a post.