Saturday, April 01, 2006


I watched a highly acclaimed movie last night. The movie is called "Crash". Everyone told me I should see this movie. So I did.

The writing was phenomenal. The acting superb. The cinemaphotography hypnotic. All in all, an exceptional and poignant film.

I'm pretty sure I hated this movie.

I'm sure I'm going to get some crap about this, but this is the way I feel about it.

Why? If I thought so highly on these points, why would I then say I hate it? Well ... To get to that, allow me to reflect on this: Why did everyone I know find it so important and rewarding to see this movie? Why did *I* supposedly need to see this movie?

  • So I become aware of how sublimely ruined most of us are from the outside in, despite who we are or where we fit into society?
  • That stereotypes are stereotypes, because let's face it, they're rooted in truth?
  • That trying to rise above your past will only make people you move toward misinterpret you and the people you move away from resent you?
  • That despite who you are, people will hate you, so you would do yourself well to hate back in self defense?
  • That if you do manage to get through the day unharmed, that it's only by sheer dumb luck?
  • That even the people closest to you will in time turn on you?
  • That rest assured, no good deed goes unpunished?
  • And that even if we are successful at living a good life and contributing positively to our community, that ultimately we'll be thanked by getting the shaft in the end?

"Crash" was a very well done movie. But it was abhorrently defeatist. In the end I felt as if every vibe of positive energy had been sucked out of me. I was discouraged about the world ever being a decent place.

I guess that's the point, but to be honest I'd really just rather have those two hours of my life back.


FTS said...

Good to know. I'm in a happy place right now, so I think I'll maintain it by goinf to see Ice Age: The Meltdown instead. ;)

Martie said...

I think I'll watch "Dreamers" instead!

Have a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

That was a great movie review, I came away from seeing it feeling pretty much the same way. It was short on showing any redeeming human qualities and emphasized our baser instincts to a point where one might even forget that good qualities exist. All in all, though it was a well made movie and I can see why it was such a lauded film, it depressed the heck out of me.

Anonymous said...

I felt that exact way after watching Brokeback Mountain. Well, let me retract that. I felt some of the same way. I didn't regret seeing the movie but I did feel depressed afterwards. It took me weeks to get some scenes out of my mind. I think I'll skip on Crash. Life hasn't been a bowl of cherries lately and I need good vibes. Thanks for the review! Take care- bf

Lori said...

I haven't seen it...and don't think I will after this! I've found that I usually don't agree with the reviews and critics and that I have to interpret movies for myself. So many films that people rave about completely complex me (as far as why they are supposedly so 'great'.) And films that get no attention are usually the ones that I absolutely love. I guess it's like the rest of life. We have to live it the way we see fit and from the perspective of our own hearts.

Cheryl said...

You know, I used to see movies just because they were supposed to be "good." These days I rarely watch a movie unless I know it's uplifting and entertaining. It's been a nice change... "Crash" hasn't exactly been on the must-see list.

bigwhitehat said...

Hollywood typically sucks.

Tirithien said...

You're allowed to hate movies people like. :-) Heck, I hated Horse Whisperer with a passion, in spite of people I knew raving about it.

Nelly said...

Ice Age is on our list too! Thanks for this Clew...I don't think I'll waste my time.

Bougie Black Boy said...

I AM SO GLAD you wrote this. And importantly, I'm so glad that we both agree with each other with our views on this movie. And, people think i'm absolutely nuts for not being a "Crash" fanatic, too.

Phrase of the day: "abhorrently defeatist"

Dionne said...

Rarely are movies nominated for an Academy Award any good. I sooo appreciate this movie review. I have a friend who has been trying to talk me into watching this. She seems to like depressing movies. She loved "The Hours" and I hated that movie with a passion. I don't like to watch defeatist movies, life is depressing enough. If I'm going to watch a movie I want it to help me escape life and have a happy ending. But thats just me :-).

It's Just Me said...

I loved this movie. It was real and raw, and it didn't hide any of the ugliness of racism, whatever its degree. It also showed the good in some of those people as well. This movie showed another side to the stereotypes. It didn't take the easy way out.

I don't know how many times I cried while watching this movie. Tears of anger, frustration, relief, and inspiration. Very powerful stuff.

Anyway...just my opinion. :)

Itchy said...

I've been hesitant to see this movie for several reasons...and your review has sorta made me realize that maybe I'll just catch it if I see it on HBO down the road.
"abhorrently defeatist" just doesn't sound like a movie for me to watch anytime soon...

Michael Lehet said...

Great movie review!

I think the thing you pointed out best was.....there isn't always have to be a happy ending.

I think society has been "brainwashed" that every story has to be tied up neat and tidy and that there has to be a happy ending.

Another example of this is the musical version of Wicked (based on the book of the same name) about the Wicked Witches of OZ. The book is very dark and forboding and you KNOW what's going to happen in the end (because we've all seen the Wizard of Oz) but when they transferred it to the stage they had to make it bright and cheery and change the ending....just so it was happy.

I know we go to movies to escape reality, but sometimes it's necessary to get a great big dose of it!

juanitagf said...

We watched it this weekend. It was well done, but I agree with you that it was defeatist.